August 25, 2009

Alan Fitzmorris - The Winds of My Life / Locked In (Peak Records 1973) Alan Fitzmorris of the Kansas City Royals

So this is one of the more intriguing finds I stumbled upon lately. I have found no instance of this record on the internet or from any of my numerous sources. It's extremely obscure first, the music is really quite good for what it is secondly, and finally, it was composed and sung by the mid seventies MLB player Alan Fitzmorris of the Kansas City Royals team. It's a bit like a more heavy psyche version of SST (soft soul transition) or something along the folk rock psyche blue eyed soul scene that was a short lived genre of the early to mid seventies that I generally am not too crazy about, but this one really has an infectious quality. Good drums, decently good vocals and dark brooding lyrics that dont smack of baseball whatsoever, in fact the tone and content is somewhat loner folk or freak folk in nature, which is always a plus. I like both sides, 'Winds of my life' is a little cliche or kitschy but its got a great melody and chorus, and 'Locked in' is less well produced but maybe a more interesting song overall, plus it goes into some heavy psych organ jams in the middle part, and more dark despairing kind of lyrics (for the seventies). I'd love some more info on this release so feel free to chime in. Here's the man himself :