December 17, 2009

Recent Hip Hop Finds

In the last few months I've come across quite a few obscure rap/hiphop joints that I can't find out on the net so figured posting them would be a good idea, some i like more than others but I'm not going to discriminate, everything i found lately that isnt out there for listening I'm gonna put up. Enjoy the weirdness.

Slow to Speak - On and On 12" (1996)

First up is an indie rap record I found which I really like but sadly I did not take a photo of and it is no longer in my possession, so I searched the internet for about 15 minutes looking for one and there is none to be found, so at the least be glad that you have a chance to check this track out because it's very farking rare, and very much under appreciated. Classic beat production on this joint from Texas (I think) with a very un-texas sound, and although a couple of the mc's dont match the mood of the beat,l they are quite good overall, not the best lyrics ever but their cadence and flow is good, and it has a nice' old school abilities vs dissing' and violence style, the beat is great though. I wish i could find more about this group or the release, i think it has a hell of a lot of potential and its only draw back is that its approaching the end of the mid school era and stuff after '95 just doesnt sell for as much as a rule, but for '96 it still has the 93-94 sound and you can tell they have been listening to a lot of Nas and a whole other list of midschool names that i dont care to list right now. Enough of this though, just Enjoy it!

Special Treat - It's a Treat 12'' (1992)

Special Treat is a group that had a couple singles it looks like, the first being from 89 or 90 and also having a love jam style, this one is much harder to find and practically no information exists on it. It's not that great but it is definitely interesting, the first track "baby it's you" is a real LL Cool J style sax and all jam that is fun but the second track is a little more interesting, "too much" has a nice break and some nifty rapping, still regarding a honey but it's more hip hop. Out of Houston, TX.

Al B. Bad - Half Pack EP (1994)

A personal favorite for its genre hopping, covering ghetto booty club bangers, miami bass explicit electro style, a conscious style ghetto track with the break from the biz markie song, that track is called "what i see" and you will like it's home produced real style or you suck. This crew is from Irving, TX and as far as I know has not released anything else, but who knows. "What I See" --

RCU - Penitentiary Blues E.P. (1992)

RCU had a small hit with this EP in Houston, and they apparently released a full LP a year or so before this, which contained the lead track Penitentiary Blues, that being said the best track is by far "material things make you feel the need to get g'd" because of its Dr Dre/west coast funk revival sound that is kinda ganked but is still a bangin' track. The other 2 aren't bad either.

God Complex - Seek & Destroy / Bust My Style (remix) 7'' (1995)

This is the early incarnation and first release by 7L and Esoteric, with Karma also, under the name God Complex. It's probably the best known of all these but I couldnt really find it anywhere on the net and it's interesting that the Bside is so superior to the Aside, both are quality tracks (produced by madsol) but "seek and destroy" is a really dope track, with a sort of dark and atmospheric wu-tang style beat and intelligent mid nineties lyrics somewhat similar to company flow style stuff, not quite as good as a lot of coflow but this is still 95 and it's damn good. "bust my style" is not as interesting and you could tell they were dumbing it down some to try and get radio play while their real efforts went to the bside. Obviously the label has held some truly great hip hop artists early stuff, like MF grimm, Mr Lif, and MF Doom.

Lethal T. and Outcast- Lethal LP (1994)

Last up we have a full LP which I .rar'd for you, it's from San Antonio, TX and it was somewhat of a local hit when it came out in 1994, but has been lost in the annals of rap since then, being hard to find much about it aside from some web info on the group which is still active, it's a classic texas style gangsta rap LP sounding much like the privately done studio work from Houston at that time, lots of keyboard and some bass solos mixed with a little west coast funk some dark shuffling drum samples from the east and a lot of ghetto style drum programming to top it off, it gets pretty dense and atmospheric sometimes which impresses me a lot and the producer clearly had some musical background or impressive natural talent because for what it is, it's quite good in my opinion. I mean it's nothing revolutionary and its not the cleanest sound or pressing quality, the lyrics can get sorta weak soemtimes (though they have some great hooks) but overall its a fine piece of TX Gangsta Rap.


November 27, 2009

Vinyl Tribute to Magic and Earl !!!

Here we have a rather strange post but i noticed my sports related finds had been growing in number recently, with a couple really interesting pieces regarding two of my favorite players.. First is a really awesome 45 by Tom Cantrell (with dink and the ooettes?) that pays homage to Earl Campbell as a Houston Oiler/Texas Longhorn, but mainly as a Houston Oiler, done in awesome 60s folksy style, taking after the song Big Bad John and rewriting it as a football song, its level of appreciation for Earl is almost homoerotic, just listen to the line about his sweat drenched and rippling thighs, also I would guess the 45 to be from the late 60s to mid 70ss but I dont know when exactly, no info exists on this release that I can find.
Next we have my personal favorite by the Soul Funk legend Tony Lamar, who has a quite a few great 60s-70s releases in the soul funk category, all of which are quite rare, he was never a very well known singer, but he did a couple albums in the 80s utilizing the new studio based drum machine boogie sound of the time, this track is from 1985 out of california and pays massive homage to Magic Johnson, and the Lakers as a whole, again the track is almost homoerotic in its praise but it is truly a fantastic jam, with good lyrics that make you just kind of shake your head but at the same time respect the guy for crafting such a killer jam.

Tom Cantrell - Big Bad Earl

Tony Lamar - Magic

November 2, 2009

High School Jazz Band Doing 'Rush - Tom Sawyer' and more, HELL YES

Bishop Lynch Jazz Ensemble - Self-titled. 1982. Dallas, TX. Directed by Joe Cardinale and Bob Quatman. Private Press High School Label.

I have been waiting to drop this for a while, I personally really dig it, and although obviously the stand out track is Tom Sawyer, there are interesting and sample friendly moments all over this record, and it really is an amazing level of musical achievement for a high school band. The drummer is amazing, and the guitarist isnt bad either, they do mostly complex jazz compositions, and yes a lot of it is in full big band style, but even those are pretty good, and they even employ a synthesizer on a few of the more rock oriented tracks. This is the full album, the last time I looked there was zero info out on this album and no blog posts either. I chose this over the 2 North Texas Jazz Lab Band albums I have because even though one has a bad ass cover, I really think this album is better, far more rare, and they are in high school! Turn up the Tom Sawyer track max volume and jam this motha out! * If you are with the aforementioned school or own the rights to this record, I am only trying to honor the musicianship and quality of your band program, so please let the world partake in this impossibly rare item and be happy it's out there, but if there is a problem or you want me to take it down contact me through the comments. I don't normally put any disclaimer but since it is from a well known and active school I will give you the opportunity to decide, and also let me state for the record that Bishop Lynch High School and associates DOES NOT condone in any way nor have any association with myself or the content of this website. The mp3s are from my personal album and are for preservation purposes only, if you download these mp3s and enjoy them, consider giving a donation to your local high school band program to support the continued development of young musicians.

November 1, 2009

Michael Iceberg is a Bad Motha

We have here Michael Iceberg's first and only LP that was recorded live at his 100th week playing at Walt Disney, it is from around 1977 I believe, possibly a little earlier I can't remember. Genre-wise I would call it weird loner synth, half of the record is just bizarre demonstrations of the capabilities of his synth and effects setup, and another 1/4 of the record consists of covers of various songs, most are very well known songs and are not that great, but the last portion is his original composition with jam out session and even with a little bit of trippy vocals mixed in that just plain kicks ass. I am sad that I missed out on not being the first person to bring this record to the internet world's awareness but I only missed the boat by about a couple months, I found another blog, a very good one which I cant remember now, that had the record available for download. But, I have decided to leave out the majority of the record (it really isnt worth listening to more than once, and that just to see how weird and grating the whole affair is) and to only include the bad ass jam, which is about 5-6 minutes. I highly recommend this part of the record, the rest just doesnt stand up in my opinion, and I'm sorry I dont have the whole thing availble, maybe I will put it up later, but this is the real gem and this is the part I wanted to get out there to my 11 odd blog fans that I know are just desperately awaiting the next GEM! anyway here it is:

Michael Iceberg - Iceberg Does it Live. (Private Press Kiko Music) Untitled Track and composition, which I dubbed, "the iceberg jam"

Bad Ass and very rare Remix of Paul Hardcastle's 'Rainforest' track. 1985 private press.

Bad ass electro remix of this classic song, it's got 3 versions on here, the first is a much longer dub that is completely re-done with much more bangin' and crisp drums, lush synth and a much more electro feel than the pseudo atmospheric dance feel of the original. Plus it has a remix with VOCALS! Very campy yes but to here a song written for the uber famous rainforest track is bad ass, by a group named California Jones no less. Also there is a silly sax remix that isn't very good but is interesting. Even has lyrics on the back, and a lovely waterfall to boot.


Extremely weird cover from the guy on the Juno soundtrack, no audio....

Sorry no recording, I should have recorded it but I sold it before I got to it, the songs were just weird kid folk and it wasn't very good, and honestly the music's weirdness cant touch the cover, so it wasn't really worth it, but yes this is the guy from the Juno soundtrack, don't know what teh connection is though.

September 6, 2009

The bizarre world that is collectable modern soul

So I have a disturbing amount of rare and collectible modern soul on my computer, notice I didnt say it was necessarily "good," but traditional good isnt always what a modern soul track is about, anyway, some are vinyl rips of myself and friends, and the majority are from the net in some form or fashion, but it seems like a lot of people are looking for this stuff and in case you are not too familiar with the whole weird scene, here is a very wide sampling of what could be called 'disco' 'boogie' 'modern soul' or by the DJs who actually played it in 1980 R&B, but thats a term used for the really slow and overly sweet stuff from the period now. *Caution*, this is not what I would consider the best of the best in the genre, though I do think some of it is really great, it is more a sampling of the most recent uber collectible stuff and some still obscure finds for the collector's who already have the known $$$ collectibles. Also, just to mention, I think OC Tolbert's Lucky Man 45 is probably the most perfect example of what modern soul is, it has the distinctive low budget 80s sound but with amazing 60s soul lyrical and song appeal. Also its very rare, so put that all together and whatdya got? modern soul. Yes, perhaps if you wanted to be really picky you could say some of what I have up is boogie, and it is, but the genres blend and well whatever who gives a shit. I generally left out the everybody know's and has that track type stuff, you know the stuff that is on all those damn goldmine cd's. Also I stayed away from the mid to late seventies stuff because even though a lot of it is better it's more of a traditional soul sound and I'm trying to focus on a newly desirable genre that is 80s soul. The weirder and more mind boggling the better, also these are all singles, no albums. Here are my picks:

T.M.S. featuring Jimmy Graham - Get the feelin' / This lonely dream. 1982. Showcase Records.
This is a fantastic example of the 1982 sound that often blended heavy midtempo funk jams with modern soul/disco song structure, a fine gem here, I rar'ed it because I offered a little bit of the bside which is not very good but if you were curious its there. This is also a great example of how a record can go from 70 dollar auction in 2006 to a 950 dollar auction in 2009. Hype is everything in modern soul! *This was reissued by People's Potential Unlimited Records, please go buy the reissue if you really like it. Easy to find on the net. try or something.

IMAGE - You're my only desire (vocal) 1983 Solid Platinum Records.
Here is a prime example of a track which I really see nothing in personally but goes for $$$ and people are wet for it. It's got the sound, its got the lyrics, and its got the home production rareness but it just isnt that great a tune, more a time piece i guess, maybe I'm being too hard on it, $250 avg I guess. Maybe because it was produced larry joseph, a legendary MS guy.

Tony Rome - What Does it Take (1981) Kency Records. N.Y.
Absolutely amazing example of how good modern soul can be. I love this track. It isnt the most rare of the bunch but it's desired by many, goes for about 200-300.00 I guess. Perfect 1981 sound.

Kombination - Accept My Love (1984) TLM Records.
A good example of uniqueness, rareness, and newness being just as valuable as goodness. Yeah the song isnt horrible, its kind of 80s trendy naive sweet lovey sounding but it's not that great, virtually unknown before 07 (which is why it went for $$$ then as these new discoveries go) its a relatively new comer to the 200-400 dollar MS scene. Probably will only find it a couple other places on the whole net if that.

May Ervin - What is it. (1984) Music International. Philadelphia.
So here's another recently discovered item, known a couple years back now, but it's a good example of what constitutes the mid 80s electro-boogie soul sound, female vocals and all, and it bridges the gap between genres, not a favorite of mine but it is certainly listenable. Usually about a 100.00 record as it isnt the most rare or sought after on the block.

Power of Attorney Band - Love For You. 1986. Star Island Records.
One of the more sought after/expensive 45s of the post 1985 modern soul scene. Its more accurately described as boogie, and it has a very catchy quality that sounds very similar to a lot of the top 40 stuff around 85, actually its better than most of the really big tracks from that era in y opinion. It's a great example of the post 1985 modern soul sound, which has essentially crossed over into the 80s dance house boogie territory while still retaining some of the early 80s lyrical structure, the vocal inflections are usually a lot stronger as you go later (which I dont like), and the hook or chorus becomes more important than the lyrics. This was comped by boogie times or someone like that and it got huge after that. Perfect example of how this track in 1986 could have smashed the RnB charts at the time, really it was just a couple years late and got no promotion, but if it had, we'd probably be hearing it on the RnB station in town. All that being said, it's not in my playlist much but serves it's purpose.

Len Rideout - Just One More Night. 1981. Hot Licks Records.
This is from the extreme bad ass that made the modern soul mega hit Someone Special, which is extrmely good, but everyone knows that already, so this is the much more rare and lesser known Rideout track, Just one more night, very recently discovered, I can;t even tell you a price because I havent seen one yet. I Like it, it's not the greatest of the great but a lot of people are loooking for this one so snatch it up. Maybe later I'll throw up "Someone Special" because I like it so much, but from a internet collector stance, this one is much more exciting to find.

Sanctuary - I am Going to Love Him. 1983. Montage Records. /// Instrumental Bside
This record fluctuates like mad on Ebay, I put mine up too early without any hype and some asshole got it for 23 dollars, and then waited about a year and hyped it on a website and sold it for 140.00 Anyway, it's one of the many examples of gospel, boogie, and modern soul coming together, seriously, gospel boogie is a real genre and it is growing fast and if not for the economy would be steadily rising in price. Collector's love when great music that is secular in origin gets blended with christian lyrics and meaning, especially Xian Psych records, which I also have a lot of on my computer and am planning to do a special on next, but more recently the genre of gospel funk came around, early to late 70s funk tracks with songs about god, now we have gospel boogie, same thing, people just eat it up, and I do too. This is not the most rare or desirable of the bunch, but I never see it offered on the net and I like the instrumentation and guitar work a lot. If the vocals are just too campy for you check the Bside instro cause it has awesome layering or tracks, damn near prog-boogie!

Admirations - Groove Town. Great Lakes International. 1982. Detroit.
Again, not my favorite and not the most valuable but it's still about a hundred bucks and it has that low low budget uptempo funk guitar with disco drums boogie sound that is representative of a huge portion of the 'modern soul' sound. Also it's not the easiest to find on the net either, quite new to the scene and this is a personal copy so enjoy.

Brass Monkey feat Fletcher Tomlin - Party When I Can. Appleray Records. 1982.
Yeah I dunno why I put this up but it's really interesting I think, goes for about 50-100 dollars, quite rare but not the most sought after, its really uptempo boogie funk but it has a really weird sound to it, quirky as hell. Not many people have it either so for the collector's here you go, for the avergae layman, I dont think youre gonna be too thrilled with this, but give it a listen and see just what a guy in France will pay 100 dollars for. I know.

Dunn Pearson Jr. - Groove on Down. 1978. Shyriden. N.Y.
This is the one late seventies disco sounding track I've got in this sampling, because it is drastically different from the rest but you can see how it preceded the others. Also it's very good, a jazzy funky disco sound that I love and is sought after by shit tons of people. So here it is, Enjoy it, it's about a 300-400 dollar record.

1st Klass Band - Nymphomaniac. 1988. Budweiser Show Down.
So I figured I had to include a budweiser record because it's such a staple of the modern soul boogie scene. Basically budweiser had an ongoing competition they sponsored with local radio stations around the US that had contests to submit indie produced RnB/dance/funk/soul tracks and they would select the best and release a special edition of them and maybe you would get signed. This one is more of an electro boogie track than anything but I really like the super lo fi production and his vocals are actually quite good. Very 1987 in style and probably the furthest thing from the previous record by Dunn Pearson, but it shows you how much the genre changed in 10 years. Also this is very hard to find and not available anywhere else as far as I know.

Spade Brigade - I'm Your Man. 1980. Spade Records.
This track really grew on me over the last year, considering at first I thought it was pretty awful and now I fuckin dig it. This track is way ahead of its time, 1980, and has some seriously impressive track layering and quiat work, drums too, sounding almost like a prog funk sound like conrad benjamin and mixing it with the modern soulful styling of the best in the genre. Extremely rare record, very sought after, easily fetching 500-1000 dollars and a standout track in the quality of the production. Complete with shimmering guitar layers and disco breakdowns, sweet soul vocal harmonies and awesome choruses. Great use of studio effects and dubbing too. This is one of the most unique of the mega hitters.

Jeff Floyd - Don't Leave Me. 1984. Big J Records. 1984. Florida.
Excellent modern soul tune, kind of a silly intro but its 'real people' quality makes it add to the record in some ways, but its really a great track, well done in every way with very little means, good lyrics, a lost classic. Comped on the 'magnetik soul 3' compilation, and I suggest if you want great modern soul cuts go for the magnetik soul comps, they are the best. Also, there is a pretty big contingency of modern soul tracks that come from florida, and they have a particular sound that is hard to describe, but most of them are quite good.

September 2, 2009

Brothers Heritage - Sin-The-Tic (RMS 1979)

Really intereesting record found by a friend at Backspin Records,, that has some awesome cosmic disco, jazz dance and modern soul crossover jazz tracks. Very rare record out of Missouri by the Heritage Brothers, who I don't think have any other albums but maybe they do, falls along the lines of the 79 era prog style disco jazz records, great synth work and a bad ass drummer. In fact, if they would have kept the jams going longer and more rhythmic as opposed to making it prog style and changing rapidly, it would be an incredible record to jam all the way through, as it is, there are a few tracks that are great, but it is more of a sample or loop digging record. I really enjoy the first side, as it has a weird cosmic disco type song first, then a crossover soul jazz record with good drums, and finally a real burner with prog elements and disco madness too. Imagine a schizophrenic cloud one record with 2 extra drummers or something.

Check it out friends.

August 25, 2009

Alan Fitzmorris - The Winds of My Life / Locked In (Peak Records 1973) Alan Fitzmorris of the Kansas City Royals

So this is one of the more intriguing finds I stumbled upon lately. I have found no instance of this record on the internet or from any of my numerous sources. It's extremely obscure first, the music is really quite good for what it is secondly, and finally, it was composed and sung by the mid seventies MLB player Alan Fitzmorris of the Kansas City Royals team. It's a bit like a more heavy psyche version of SST (soft soul transition) or something along the folk rock psyche blue eyed soul scene that was a short lived genre of the early to mid seventies that I generally am not too crazy about, but this one really has an infectious quality. Good drums, decently good vocals and dark brooding lyrics that dont smack of baseball whatsoever, in fact the tone and content is somewhat loner folk or freak folk in nature, which is always a plus. I like both sides, 'Winds of my life' is a little cliche or kitschy but its got a great melody and chorus, and 'Locked in' is less well produced but maybe a more interesting song overall, plus it goes into some heavy psych organ jams in the middle part, and more dark despairing kind of lyrics (for the seventies). I'd love some more info on this release so feel free to chime in. Here's the man himself :


July 19, 2009

Menique Presenta La Orquesta Tropical

Menique - Menique Presenta La Orquesta Tropical - 1979 - Tropical Magic Ent. (500 pressing)
Awesome Latin Salsa y Guaguanco record that I found at goodwill and sold on ebay for $250, which was even a lot higher than I was hoping to get. Stupid rare latin burner with vocals by Menique and some absolutely killer percussion on a few tracks. The production is amazingly good for such a private press record, and honestly, it's not a far cry from the level of buena vista social club. I have been finding a lot of latin stuff lately and it's all been great for my pocket book.

Get your salsa on~!

July 11, 2009

Sugar Bear - I Love You So / I Got What You've Been Looking For (Drells 888) 1968-1972ish?

UPDATE: just to let you all know, I did sell this quite a while back on ebay, it went for an astonishing 780.00 in vg-/g+ condition. The Aside is a VG- and the bside a G+, and after further listening, I have decided I like the Bside 'I got what you been looking for' even more than the A side, I love you So, and its a shame that the bside was in such poor shape. Also I found a guy selling a related record from the TSU toronadoes on Skipper's Ovide label, which is also an excellent outing, I dont know who the vocalist for them is but hes very good, the record is in the same price range, it was a strong VG and went for 1400, its more known and sought after but perhaps not quite as rare, its a killer track though, most everything skipper was involved with, perhaps because of the tsu toronadoes, is golden! I wish I could find some more of this stuff, and STILL no info out there on the release other than what I have posted, and Sugar Bear remains as ellusive as ever, If I could find the guy and get him to release all of his material for a new comp thatd be friggin awesome. For some reason my ebay sale never showed up on popsike or collectorsfrenzy, which is a shame because that means there is still zero searchable sales for this record. How did they miss that sheesh.

It is truly amazing what you can find at even the most well versed record stores around. I mean, they can't catch everything, and when you get a huge box of dirty old 7inches it is sometimes too much to deal with, and thus they just hedge their bets that the contents are either too old and rough to be worth looking at or that after a quick glance there isnt anything in the box worth a shit to begin with. Enter: Me. Add a couple hours. Voila. Such is the scenario in which I found this wonderful gem.
Another Skipper Lee Frazier related item, weird eh? This is the Long Forgotten Texas Soul Group: Sugar Bear. They were in Houston in the late sixties to early seventies, manged by Skipper Lee Frzier, Sugar Bear sometimes opened up concerts for Archie Bell and the Drells, (notice the label its on, 'drells') whom Lee also managed, and Sugar Bear used the TSU Tornados as their backing band and arranger for both tracks. (Lee Also managed the TSU Tornados). Apparently Sugar Bear has one more 45 but I cant find any info on it. And info on Sugar Bear at all is extremely sparse. As far as the internet is concerned, there is no mention of this release. I havent had a chance to scour the soul books yet but regardless its a great track and seems to be very overlooked. A nice cross between Sweet Soul, Northern Soul, Southern Soul and Funk, this track appeals to many and goes hard on a dance floor. The only down side is that it is not in the best shape, but it sounds better than it looks, and the Aside, the track I prefer, is in much better condition, the Bside is way more worn out. "I Love You So" is the Aside. I wonder how many of these were pressed? Obviously not many. I don't see any sales on Ebay in the last year and none on popsike, as well as none for sale on the internet. *** I will be putting this up on ebay soon so keep your eyes peeled!!

Sugar Bear .RAR of both sides.

June 28, 2009

Skipper Lee Frazier - Message to the Young 1985. Ovide Records.

Hell yeah, you go skipper! Skipper has a very important message for the youth here, Houston based DJ and manager of Archie Bell and the Drells, among others, has once again used his own label, Ovide, to produce a bad ass and funky electro rap 12'' to warn the kids about the importance of keeping your nose clean and staying in school. Nice instrumental side that gets almost cosmic at times, though not uptempo, and some really cool wobbly bass synth and effects pads present, very rare, saw one sell for about 65 dollars on popsike.

Message to the youth!

The Death of The World Now

Obscure, 500 pressing, Weird Library Prog Rock Sound Effect Spoken Word Christian Occult Doom Journey Synthesizer Musique Concrete etc. all come to mind when this piece is concerned, though not deserving of high praise for the music itself, the weirdness and fascinating style is all worth it, including bad ass cover art and satanic prose readings of vivid depictions of hell and outerworlds, blended into sound effects and mediocre but innovative progrock stylings. I personally can;t get enough of it, but more for the "wow check out this shit I just found!" aspect than true musical importance. So, its from 1978, its 500 copies, the music is by a guy named Dilulio, and the writer of the lyrics says he basically wanted to create a paradise lost type LP for the modern era, well done boys, well done.


Illusion of a Band - Work Me (Jas-Star 1985)

Incredibly rare 12'' by the Illusion of a Band crew out of New Jersey, pressed in New York, on the same label as the Minority Band, and perhaps with one of the members or producers. As the title mentions, there isnt really a band but a studio producer with a 8 track or something, distinctly 1985 flavor, and more a garagey two step boogie type tune than modern soul, but its still pretty solid, this is a feature track from a comp I will be releasing sometime soon. Its not the best track from the comp, but it's probably one of the least known, and that's the point, like art for an artist, you gotta go way out into the depths of the crates to make an impressive compilation for collectors and diggers. One which might not have the best or highest production value in music, but is certainly rare and unique in its sound or appeal. This rar contains both the inst and vocal sides, and might have a PW: transpacjackson

WORK ME!!!!!! (fixed link)

June 27, 2009

International Band De Ray Camacho - EL PACHUCO (Low Rider) 1980

Yes friends, everyone loves a good latin funk album with a low rider on the front, complete with guys in purple suits, but especially when it's Ray Camacho's own band! Sold this on Ebay for 200 dollars the other day, seems to have been just recently discovered for the first time, and I luckily found the next one to be sold, which usually gets slightly more than the first and significantly more than the 3rd. But who knows. I got a lot more weird super private stuff comin soon so keep an eye out and until then, boogie yo ass down with this guaguanco funk powerhouse, okay so it has a few worthless tracks but the burners really burn.


The JAmes Brown of Ethiopia: Alemayehu Eshete!!!

This is the A-side to the Ethiopiques Alemayehu Eshete album, Ethiopian Urban Music vol 2. It's a compilation of Eshete's 7 inch releases, presumable a large amount from AMHA and Phillips, the two labels that ethiopian jazz/soul/funk was commonly released on. This is the entire A side of the comp, because the bside is good, but much different, more traditional in nature, so I figured most people would want this funkier side anyway. This guy is one of hundreds of severely underrated musicians from africa that have recently been re-emerging from long forgotten tombs, in America at least.