February 21, 2010

Left and Right Shoe MC's feat DJ Rated X - Mini LP (Talking Horse 1988)

YEEAH, more bad ass unknown texas rap. This is just the beginning of a whole treasure trove of bad ass records I have uncovered in the last month, the records in my ebay pile and blog pile have grown to the point of overwhelming me, I cant figure out where to start or which strategy to take in putting them up, but I'm not complaining about it. I have found some real gems lately, and I will start off with this lovely ELECTRO RAP powerhouse from 1988, out of Fort Worth TX, on Talking Horse records. Features 8 tracks, 4 original tracks on the Aside, all vocal versions, and on the bside there are instrumental versions of those tracks. These guys look so damn fly in that cover I can only imagine how much they were runnin shit back in '88. Each song is a bit different and offers something uniquely bad ass. The first is a great fast rap jam with james brown style breaks and good proto-gangsta lyrics, the second is a pretty good track that has a miami bass feel, the third track is some excellent lofi electro, and the final track is a great lo-fi love jam in the style of ll cool j, but perhaps even better. Oh and check out the rad beer stains on the cover, that only adds to the value in my opinion, kind of like blood on a civil war saber. The whole album is in a rar below.


February 15, 2010

Famous L Renfroe (Famous as the Flying Sweet Angels of Joy) - Children

Absolutely incredible record here. The mega DIY home made recorded in a shack out in the swampland by Famous L Renfroe on all instruments and filling in on much of the backup vocals too, a true master musician Famous L Renfroe has recorded here one of the most striking and memorable rural albums of all time. I wish I had actually found this but I got it from a blog a little while back, and I think they got it from a CD reissue that was very limited and laregely sold overseas, and even with the small CD reissue very few people know about this true gem of an album. Its gospel, its blue, its soul, its funk, its zydeco, its experiemental, its outsider, sometimes even psychedelic but it is foremost all that is FAMOUS L RENFROE. He spills his guts to god and belts out incredible guitar work for Jesus and I have to say it really gives me the willys sometimes when I listen to this at high volume in my car. Lovely piece here and I wish I remembered the name of the site I got it from but I thank you too. Also the picture is from a website without permission so leave a comment if its yours and you dont want it up, but please, share the joy of RENFROE! I have quite a few Xian records that I like but this and James Tatum - Jazz Mass, and D. R. Hooker - The Truth, are all at the top of the list. Also near those are Mary Lou Willaims - Mary Lou's Mass, and Trees - The Christ Tree, and Agape - Le Troisieme Seuil. And Maybe Soul Liberation - Who Are You? Which I will be putting up soon.