September 1, 2011

Sounds Ov Earth - Solstice LP (1986)

Unknown Spiritual Ethnic Folk/Jazz album from Alabama cira 1986. No info about this record whatsoever. Has some really nice moments and I thoroughly enjoy it overall too. Mostly instrumental music kinda similar to Wali and the Afro Caravan, but a little more Native American/Andean maybe, though not by much, its quite similar actually just more 1986 sounding. Crisper production and such. All acoustic percussive stuff with a piano or an occasional electric guitar and every track features one hell of a flute player, some have a kinda hippie folk flute jam feel, others are very ethnic minimal sounding, a couple have vocals and are jazzier, and then a few are kinda all its own, there's only one track with real lyrics and song structure, it is slow and morose but i still really like it. Very interesting record haven't heard much like it, especially not from 1986 and out of Alabama... I don't understand why it's so obscure. I didn't do any research on the label yet though which I need to. The cover was stuck to another LP in the Goodwill I bought it at, I was so pissed. Ruined a really awesome looking cover, but the record was near mint. Also, the record is indeed called Sounds Ov Earth, not "of", and I'm guessing the artist is Solstice, but I could have that backwards. Produced by Jim Wizniewski If you have any info please let me know.