October 4, 2012

The Crowns of Glory - Won't It Be Grand (Peacock LP)

A nice gospel soul/funk album in a slightly more traditional style than some of the more popular Peacock LPs that have made a resurgence with the gospel funk genre, but it is quite good and I rather enjoy the more soulful less funk side of gospel anyway.  I couldnt believe this wasnt available anywhere and it needs to be heard so even tho it is somewhat major label I felt the need to post this. For any gospel fans or soul fans out there you should definitely get this. It's really a damn shame how much incredible gospel music was recorded from the 50s 60s 70s that has been out of print in all forms since its first release. There are probably 50+ extremely good records on Peacock and Songbird alone that deserve rerelease.Also there are some really great moments and bars for sampling in peacock albums, including this one. Sometimes even great drum breaks that havent been used, but usually just a stirring sample passage. check it.

Crowns of Glory - Won't it Be Grand LP

Michael White - Where Are You Now LP

The first full length LP I am featuring from my recent comp, it is actually not technically speaking a Christian album, it just has one Xian themed track. Really it is just an excellent, previously ungoogle-able 80s soft-rock/folk-rock LP of the highest caliber (for the genre), and I happen to think it is quite good myself actually, though yes 70s folk rock is preferable but there is something nice about the crystal clear mellow yacht vibes of 80s soft rock ya know? $200 value and this was a sealed copy when I bought it so the sound doesn't get much better. Enjoy.

Michael White - Where Are You Now

Records from the comp on EBAY

Hey, just letting you know that some of the records featured in the compilation are being auctioned on EBAY under the seller name Tilly1774. Also there are 3 or 4 others that are going to be featured in the Bonus track comp that I am working on, so you will be ahead of the curve. But be ready to battle, because there are some extremely dedicated Japanese collectors that seem to bid up the good 80s Christian records into the upper atmosphere, IE Turning Point selling for 356 dollars and M&M Co selling for 450. But, that being said, a lot of these are unknown so there is a chance to snipe them for good prices. Enjoy. Oh and I will be featuring some full LPs of all sorts soon. LOOK OUT.

TILLY1774. (awful seller name I know but I inherited it.)