April 20, 2012

A Train - S/T LP (John Howe, Buddy and Bruce Flett) - Southern Star Records 1979

Yet another amazing find on Southern Star records, I had never even heard of this label before but somehow they keep popping up in different places, and both were really great, this particular piece is superior to Ron Anderson probably, not as strong lyrically or songwriting but I enjoy the modal jazz funk rhodes workouts on here immensely.  Along the lines of an Austin Jazz funk version of Aposento Alto, or maybe more like the infamous FABLE records out of Austin, with the likes of 47 times its own weight, starcrost, and steamheat.  Its definitely in that genre  anyway, the southern jazz funk dash of latin dash of prog lots of ELECTRIC KEYS and vocals, cool breezey late 70s AOR boat shoes type vocals, but anyway I was amazed to see that I couldn't find this anywhere on the blogdom yet, I didn't look long but I don't think its available anyway, so here is another first for you guys. Enjoy. (lots more finds of late, many many goodies, look for an ebay auction soon...)

"A" TRAIN - Self-titled LP (Southern Star Records 1979)

April 1, 2012

Governor's State Jazz Band Live - GSU JAZZ LIVE!

Dropping ultimate college jazz heat on your unworthy heads! Sometimes the best records are in your own backyard. The goodwill 3 miles from my house has churned up some of my all time favorite finds strangely, and that's all I'm gonna say about this maxed out thousand dollar under the radar ghost of a record gem tart. I hope I haven't upset the very nice fellow I sold it to. Enjoy, and shhh.