June 28, 2009

Skipper Lee Frazier - Message to the Young 1985. Ovide Records.

Hell yeah, you go skipper! Skipper has a very important message for the youth here, Houston based DJ and manager of Archie Bell and the Drells, among others, has once again used his own label, Ovide, to produce a bad ass and funky electro rap 12'' to warn the kids about the importance of keeping your nose clean and staying in school. Nice instrumental side that gets almost cosmic at times, though not uptempo, and some really cool wobbly bass synth and effects pads present, very rare, saw one sell for about 65 dollars on popsike.

Message to the youth!

The Death of The World Now

Obscure, 500 pressing, Weird Library Prog Rock Sound Effect Spoken Word Christian Occult Doom Journey Synthesizer Musique Concrete etc. all come to mind when this piece is concerned, though not deserving of high praise for the music itself, the weirdness and fascinating style is all worth it, including bad ass cover art and satanic prose readings of vivid depictions of hell and outerworlds, blended into sound effects and mediocre but innovative progrock stylings. I personally can;t get enough of it, but more for the "wow check out this shit I just found!" aspect than true musical importance. So, its from 1978, its 500 copies, the music is by a guy named Dilulio, and the writer of the lyrics says he basically wanted to create a paradise lost type LP for the modern era, well done boys, well done.


Illusion of a Band - Work Me (Jas-Star 1985)

Incredibly rare 12'' by the Illusion of a Band crew out of New Jersey, pressed in New York, on the same label as the Minority Band, and perhaps with one of the members or producers. As the title mentions, there isnt really a band but a studio producer with a 8 track or something, distinctly 1985 flavor, and more a garagey two step boogie type tune than modern soul, but its still pretty solid, this is a feature track from a comp I will be releasing sometime soon. Its not the best track from the comp, but it's probably one of the least known, and that's the point, like art for an artist, you gotta go way out into the depths of the crates to make an impressive compilation for collectors and diggers. One which might not have the best or highest production value in music, but is certainly rare and unique in its sound or appeal. This rar contains both the inst and vocal sides, and might have a PW: transpacjackson

WORK ME!!!!!! (fixed link)

June 27, 2009

International Band De Ray Camacho - EL PACHUCO (Low Rider) 1980

Yes friends, everyone loves a good latin funk album with a low rider on the front, complete with guys in purple suits, but especially when it's Ray Camacho's own band! Sold this on Ebay for 200 dollars the other day, seems to have been just recently discovered for the first time, and I luckily found the next one to be sold, which usually gets slightly more than the first and significantly more than the 3rd. But who knows. I got a lot more weird super private stuff comin soon so keep an eye out and until then, boogie yo ass down with this guaguanco funk powerhouse, okay so it has a few worthless tracks but the burners really burn.


The JAmes Brown of Ethiopia: Alemayehu Eshete!!!

This is the A-side to the Ethiopiques Alemayehu Eshete album, Ethiopian Urban Music vol 2. It's a compilation of Eshete's 7 inch releases, presumable a large amount from AMHA and Phillips, the two labels that ethiopian jazz/soul/funk was commonly released on. This is the entire A side of the comp, because the bside is good, but much different, more traditional in nature, so I figured most people would want this funkier side anyway. This guy is one of hundreds of severely underrated musicians from africa that have recently been re-emerging from long forgotten tombs, in America at least.


Casual T - Prescriptions for Love

Next to the OC Tolbert 7inch this is pretty much the most expensive modern soul item out there. I don't fully understand how or why it got to such heights, but there it is. I don't have the LP myself, but I did get an incredible 320 personal vinyl rip of it. To be honest, it isnt the most amazing album as a whole, but there are 3 tracks on it that are amazingly good boogie tunes: Tracks 2, 3, and 6. I noticed quite a few people on the net had a really bad 128 copy of it and I hadn't seen anything else around, so I figured why not put it out, the more holy grails on the page the better i suppose. Enjoy. oh and another thing, screw this whole blog phenomenon of LOOK what I have in my collection, want to hear it? well too bad it's for trade only, i mean i guess i could understand if its something that is completely unknown and you found it but if thats the case maybe you should just keep it to yourself, share the love, i'm sure the artist doesnt appreciate your hoarding the bad ass music he made, and probably made absolutely no cash for releasing it if its that rare, and now look at what you're doing to the poor guy, share the love man. or keep it to your damn self.