January 14, 2012

Follow up to the Whip Pets cassette.

Hello friends, this is the complete version of the Whip Pets post I did a while back. I know at least ONE person wants it...

Come on, Austin based minimal synth pop circa 1989? Thats rare as hens teeth. Didn't garner much interest. Only sold on ebay for 25 bucks. My mediocre metal cassettes sell for 80 dollars a pop in the same auction as this gem. What is the world coming to.


January 11, 2012

Viva Brasil - S/T 1980 (SugarLoaf Records)

Really excellent record which I am surprised isn't available on the net already. Its from California and it has a really interesting blend of bossa-scat modern-soul and prog, with lots of sample friendly moments and a couple dancefloor friendly tunes. It's quite rare and I'm not sure why it isn't worth more money than it usually goes for. Usually around 60-100ish range. I'm sorry to report that I uploaded the uncut A and B sides to divshare instead of cutting the tracks and putting them in a zip. But I figure that's better than not having it at all. It's a very nice clean copy and it is in 192kbs. Enjoy. whoa I just noticed that Joe Henderson guest stars on Tenor Sax. Also if you are interested in buying this or the STRAPPED 7" I am going to have an auction very soon.

1. O Bode
2. Skindo-le-le
3. Iemanja
4. Voce Abousou/Desabafo
5. Dancing the Baiao

1. Ronco Da Cuica
2. Turn to Yourself
3. Menina Danada
4. She
5. Produto Nacional



Stuk bambuka v XI chasov (Стук бамбука в 11 часов) - Лёгкое дело холод (1991)

This is now at the top of my list of albums I wish I had but never will. This is seriously one of the most overlooked masterpieces of all time. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I got this the other day from an obscure russian only website with a million dead or bad links, so I figured I'd do the world a huge favor and host it myself. It is a Russian album from 1991. Members include Dmitriy Noskov [Дмитрий Носков] (programming), Vasiliy Agafonov [Василий Агафонов] (programming), Konstantin Bagaev [Константин Багаев] (programming), Tatiana Erokhina [Татьяна Ерохина] (vocals). Let me just say this. If Stereolab and Monolake were locked in a dungeon in Siberia for 3 months with nothing to eat but DXM and Borsch... You would get a close approximation of this album. Like most truly great music, the constituent parts and ingredients sound older than 1991, but the arrangement, theory, concept, and execution are very much 2011. A few times before I have been astonished by how far ahead a particular album was, like Franco Battiato's 'Fetus,' for instance. And now this album puts another notch in that belt and also takes a spot on the list of the top 100 albums of the 90s. This got me thinking about other obscure albums that were created way ahead of their time, or just extremely innovative and forward thinking, or anticipatory of major trends to come, or just downright futuristic, and not in the cliche sense...

LINK: http://www.divshare.com/download/16551821-bd7

Monoton's 'Monoproduckt',
Ata Kak tape
Nuno Canavarro's 'Plux Quba'
Charanjiht Singh 'Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat'
Bathory - S/T
Most everything Joe Meek ever made,
Moondog as well for that matter,
Luigi Russolo's early tape music (inventor of musqiue concrete)
Les Yper Sound's seminal 7"
Virgo Four - Virgo lp
Heldon - Electronique Guerilla
Automat - S/T
Cortex - Troupeau Bleu
Mahmoud Ahmed's - Ere Mela Mela
Comus - First Utterance
Robert Wyatt - Rock Bottom
Lucio Battisti's - Anima Latina,
Bernie Worrell discovering how awesome the minimoog is,
The Electric Prunes - Mass in F Minor (is this not the first incredible postrock album?)
all the BBC Radiophonics Workshop material
Monks - Black Monk Material
Aloa - S/T,
Keiji Haino - Soul's true love,
Royal Trux - Twin Infinitives,
Savant - The Neo-Realist
Nine Circles - S/T (1992 comp)
and... Soothing Sounds For Baby vols 1-3!

January 7, 2012

a few mind blowing oddities for the new year

That is a seriously enormous cross. And this is seriously a bizarre record.

What the hell the formatting in this post is all whacked out. But I am too lazy to fix it. The first clips are for HONEY - Love So Fine. The next set of clips are for STRAPPED - Edna.

My dirty fingernails in the picture only add the the mystery of EDNA! Someone posted this to another site I noticed but I wasnt sure if they put up both sides so if not here is the entirety of STRAPPED.