November 27, 2009

Vinyl Tribute to Magic and Earl !!!

Here we have a rather strange post but i noticed my sports related finds had been growing in number recently, with a couple really interesting pieces regarding two of my favorite players.. First is a really awesome 45 by Tom Cantrell (with dink and the ooettes?) that pays homage to Earl Campbell as a Houston Oiler/Texas Longhorn, but mainly as a Houston Oiler, done in awesome 60s folksy style, taking after the song Big Bad John and rewriting it as a football song, its level of appreciation for Earl is almost homoerotic, just listen to the line about his sweat drenched and rippling thighs, also I would guess the 45 to be from the late 60s to mid 70ss but I dont know when exactly, no info exists on this release that I can find.
Next we have my personal favorite by the Soul Funk legend Tony Lamar, who has a quite a few great 60s-70s releases in the soul funk category, all of which are quite rare, he was never a very well known singer, but he did a couple albums in the 80s utilizing the new studio based drum machine boogie sound of the time, this track is from 1985 out of california and pays massive homage to Magic Johnson, and the Lakers as a whole, again the track is almost homoerotic in its praise but it is truly a fantastic jam, with good lyrics that make you just kind of shake your head but at the same time respect the guy for crafting such a killer jam.

Tom Cantrell - Big Bad Earl

Tony Lamar - Magic

November 2, 2009

High School Jazz Band Doing 'Rush - Tom Sawyer' and more, HELL YES

Bishop Lynch Jazz Ensemble - Self-titled. 1982. Dallas, TX. Directed by Joe Cardinale and Bob Quatman. Private Press High School Label.

I have been waiting to drop this for a while, I personally really dig it, and although obviously the stand out track is Tom Sawyer, there are interesting and sample friendly moments all over this record, and it really is an amazing level of musical achievement for a high school band. The drummer is amazing, and the guitarist isnt bad either, they do mostly complex jazz compositions, and yes a lot of it is in full big band style, but even those are pretty good, and they even employ a synthesizer on a few of the more rock oriented tracks. This is the full album, the last time I looked there was zero info out on this album and no blog posts either. I chose this over the 2 North Texas Jazz Lab Band albums I have because even though one has a bad ass cover, I really think this album is better, far more rare, and they are in high school! Turn up the Tom Sawyer track max volume and jam this motha out! * If you are with the aforementioned school or own the rights to this record, I am only trying to honor the musicianship and quality of your band program, so please let the world partake in this impossibly rare item and be happy it's out there, but if there is a problem or you want me to take it down contact me through the comments. I don't normally put any disclaimer but since it is from a well known and active school I will give you the opportunity to decide, and also let me state for the record that Bishop Lynch High School and associates DOES NOT condone in any way nor have any association with myself or the content of this website. The mp3s are from my personal album and are for preservation purposes only, if you download these mp3s and enjoy them, consider giving a donation to your local high school band program to support the continued development of young musicians.

November 1, 2009

Michael Iceberg is a Bad Motha

We have here Michael Iceberg's first and only LP that was recorded live at his 100th week playing at Walt Disney, it is from around 1977 I believe, possibly a little earlier I can't remember. Genre-wise I would call it weird loner synth, half of the record is just bizarre demonstrations of the capabilities of his synth and effects setup, and another 1/4 of the record consists of covers of various songs, most are very well known songs and are not that great, but the last portion is his original composition with jam out session and even with a little bit of trippy vocals mixed in that just plain kicks ass. I am sad that I missed out on not being the first person to bring this record to the internet world's awareness but I only missed the boat by about a couple months, I found another blog, a very good one which I cant remember now, that had the record available for download. But, I have decided to leave out the majority of the record (it really isnt worth listening to more than once, and that just to see how weird and grating the whole affair is) and to only include the bad ass jam, which is about 5-6 minutes. I highly recommend this part of the record, the rest just doesnt stand up in my opinion, and I'm sorry I dont have the whole thing availble, maybe I will put it up later, but this is the real gem and this is the part I wanted to get out there to my 11 odd blog fans that I know are just desperately awaiting the next GEM! anyway here it is:

Michael Iceberg - Iceberg Does it Live. (Private Press Kiko Music) Untitled Track and composition, which I dubbed, "the iceberg jam"

Bad Ass and very rare Remix of Paul Hardcastle's 'Rainforest' track. 1985 private press.

Bad ass electro remix of this classic song, it's got 3 versions on here, the first is a much longer dub that is completely re-done with much more bangin' and crisp drums, lush synth and a much more electro feel than the pseudo atmospheric dance feel of the original. Plus it has a remix with VOCALS! Very campy yes but to here a song written for the uber famous rainforest track is bad ass, by a group named California Jones no less. Also there is a silly sax remix that isn't very good but is interesting. Even has lyrics on the back, and a lovely waterfall to boot.


Extremely weird cover from the guy on the Juno soundtrack, no audio....

Sorry no recording, I should have recorded it but I sold it before I got to it, the songs were just weird kid folk and it wasn't very good, and honestly the music's weirdness cant touch the cover, so it wasn't really worth it, but yes this is the guy from the Juno soundtrack, don't know what teh connection is though.