September 23, 2012

NEW COMPILATION: Boat Shoes and Mustache for Jesus (An 80s Retrospective of Collectible Christian Soft Rock)

The Xian Yacht Rock Compilation is complete! Get it now and feel the wonderful ocean breeze bristle through your mustache, and take a minute to think about how lucky you are to have a yacht with a cassette deck. Captain and Tenille eat your heart out, now these guys know BOAT SHOES and JESUS.

Well friends, it has been a long while since my last post, and I have finally accumulated enough rare Christian Soft Rock/AOR records (the majority have never been heard before or if so were sold by me on Ebay), to put together the compilation which I've talked about for quite some time now.  I've come to realize that my specialty in the crate digging game is Xian rock of the mid 70s to late 80s era. I don't know if this is because it is an untapped genre in my region that few diggers are out there looking for, or if I just have some strange knack for it, but the demand for them worldwide is very high. Regardless, I've unearthed quite a list of these guys that have not been heard and have gone for good money, so I thought if it's that popular why not comp all of the best songs from the best and rarest releases.  And, it is kind of the next logical step from my previous comp, the Paler Shade of White, which was a suburban disco/boogie comp that had much success. The next comp I featured was more of a mini project (Jerry Curls For Jesus) and didnt rely as much on my own digging as on others, so it was not really an official HeadLamp Shovel Presents compilation, more an interrum project. The current comp, Boat Shoes and Mustache for Jesus, does not have quite the universal appeal that 'Paler' did, but I suspect it will be even more endearing to the few that really enjoy the sounds of obscure Michael Mcddonald and Hall and Oates wannabe's. Yes I have these albums and I will be putting up a few in full as I go and there are many other albums I considered that were not included, I will release some of those as bonus tracks soon. (album pictures are in .rar)

*Okay I have decided since this is a fairly large comp and thus a large file to download, here is a sample of what youre getting, this is a sample of a track by Turning Point, this is the general style of the comp:

Boat Shoes and Mustache for Jesus (An 80s Retrospective of Collectible Christian Soft Rock)
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1. James Mckenzie - Live Again
2. Turning Point - The Sacrifice
3. Michael - Blue Bird
4. Brown and Jackson - So Much Stronger
5. George Nasif -Don't Let The Devil
6. Jim Schmidt - Love Has Taken it All Away
7. Sound Advice - Caleb
8. Turning Point - Loving You
9. John Mcclure - New Song
10. Michael Gonzales - Eternity
11. Don Wallace - It's Not So Hard
12. Byron Peden and Jericho - Didn't I Tell You That
13. M & M Co - Devoted To You
14. Jim Tucker - Serious
15. Sound Advice - Imagine
16. Davis Pedigo Band - Fire
17. Michael White - Let Me Stay

*Here are the Albums included, a picture of 'John Mcclure - Finally Headed Home' is not present because it was a late addition and I haven't taken photos of it yet because my camera is being borrowed. .