December 28, 2010

California Playboys - Trying to Become a Millionaire LP

Easily one of my all time favorite private press soul LPs from any era, this one just happens to be from 1977. These guys could have been huge if they had just dropped the songs about 10 years earlier. Beautiful music, lyrics, vocalist is fantastic, their traditional northern soul sound with a little bit of crossover funk and a tiny hint of southern blues soul is just perfect. One of the top private soul albums of all time. I don't know how available it is out there in blogosphere, so I wanted to make sure my readers had a nice copy of it. It used to run about 600-900 dollars, not sure if its quite that high now, to my knowledge theres never been a repress though. I do know that the main track, "trying to become a millionaire" has been comped by a number of modern soul/northen soul goldmine cds, but not the whole album. I dont know if thats even the best song really. Also, Interestingly, someone recently sold the Master tape reel of this album on ebay for about 1600, so somebody out there owns a friggin hifi reel of this bad boy, and Im guessing they have been booting it, but maybe not if its a serious private collector. Anyway here it is, and more super bombs coming your way very soon. And get that damn Tombouctou already, the shizz is hot.

CALIFORNIA PLAYBOYS - Trying to Become a Millionaire (1977) Loadstone Records.

December 17, 2010

* new link uploaded * MYSTERE JAZZ DE TOMBOUCTOU - Mali Kunkan 1977

Astonishingly good and supremely rare ethnic Mali afrobeat-jazz wonder! Recently sold on ebay for $1130.00 and is basically one of the holy grails of ethnic African music LPs. In the same sphere of other-worldy beauty and excellence as Orchestre de Mopti and Super Temteba Jazz Band among others. Recently comped on African Pearls - Mali 70. Which has a number of really good Malian songs. Fascinating and hypnotic poly-rhythms and transmorphous cycles of bending guitar notes with stacatto horns that are equally free jazz and traditional highlife music. I share this with much gratitude, and because it is not available anywhere else: it needs to be heard. Pressed in France, recorded in Mali, from 1977, very few pressings known.

Enjoy this wonder and treasure it, and please don't share on any mass fileshare programs etc



Utterly obscure and mysterious 7" I found by Lizard Water, that has no date and essentially no info, I will upload the picture of the sleeve and label later, but for now I will give you this great DIY avant-experiemntal noise rock unjazz nowave weirdness that I think is from the early 90s. I'll have the pics up and with it the track list and all that good info, but for now just take my word for it, if you are into any of that aforementioned genreness, cause I kinda dig it.

LIZARD WATER - EP 7" (more info and pictures coming asap)

MILLION DOLLAR ECSTACY - S/T 1987 private ultra weird california electro boogie from the

Hey kids! Here's one of the 5 LPs coming your way that I recently acquired. This is MILLION DOLLAR ECSTACY. I know virtually nothing about it other than that it is from California from 1987, is made in a guys bedroom, is like a lofi analog prince but not near as talented, and has a few really nice tracks that are kind of a boogie electro synthfunk crossover. This is only the begining, a warm up before I unleash a couple holy grails on yo ass! and of course some weird interludes in between. Also, for a really strange listen hear the last track in which the guy congratulates himself for making this album and calls himself the most genius artist that ever lived etc etc. I personally think Burning Inside, You Are the One, and maybe the self titled million dollar ecstacy are the best tracks. The lyrics are insane, and I still have no idea what he's going for with all the 'million dollar ecstacy' references. I think he might be bi-polar or something, but maybe not, either way its great stuff and mild mental illness is often a really a great boon to art and art creation. So I'll stop rambling about hypothetical possibilities and let you get to listening.

"It's just a MILLION DOLLAR ECSTACY,,, commming down from heeeavvun"