February 11, 2012

A. Langston - Living Together

This record really reminds me of when I found THE MINT - SKYWALKING 12" back a few years ago. It was so damn good, so damn interesting that no one could believe it was still under the radar. I mean there was zero google results, zero ebay auctions, no popsike no collectors frenzy, it was a ghost. Now theres been a few sales of the Mint, mine was the first, 189 dollars, WEAK, then a guy in germany sold the same one I sold him one year later and he got 382 dollars. ARG. but anyway. Like Mint this record is just too good to be unknown. Obviously it hasnt been unknown since it was auctioned in December 2010, but before that whoever found this I really hope had the intelligence to track down the guys and source some more copies. If so I haven't seen em. Not a one has been sold since this 'un that I know of. Anyway, it is a beauty, I can't remember how I got the mp3 of it, and the back side is just the same exact song faded out 2 minutes early. But....

A. Langston - Living Together

Lonnie Franklin - Love is So Right / Can't Get Enough

I know this is out there in blogdom, or it was for a while somewhere, but it's one of the few items I ever bought on Ebay that cost more than 20 bucks, I just don't buy stuff on ebay, it because an addiction that is incurable, I don't even buy from high end stores anymore, I dig for gems, period, I look for 1 or 2 dollar records with promise, mostly because I'm still pretty poor and cant afford not to, but also because its so much damn fun. But this was one item that I couldn't resist at the time. It was pretty unknown still back in early 09 and not many people were looking for it. So I snatched it up. I won't say how much I paid but it was a lot lot less than the 250 it commands on the reg now. What a beauty. I just love that song Love is So Right. DAMN. How anyone could think Can't get enough is better is beyond me. Why doesn't this thing sell for like 400-650. It deserves it. There aren't many at all. Must be some guy that found a source of em way back when.



The Ambassador College Band - Spread Some Sunshine (1974 private press xian jazz funk pop psych monster)

I'm not sure if the full version of this awesome record is out ther somewhere already or not,but even if it is, I doubt it is as nice a copy as this one. Unless there is a repress, which I kinda doubt since it is a christian university record on a school label. Anyway, this is the diggers gold breaks and jazz pop killer Ambassadors college LP, a minor legend among the Japanese DIY collectors, whom I think collect the most interesting things, like paying 500 nucks for a late 70s Oklahoma school band project called guys and dolls because it has a frigging awesome cover of the song Tow the Line by Toto, complete with disco beats fuxzz psych guitars and electric keyboards. Anyway this is a staple of the genre, an easy 250-350 dollar record usually. Granted some tracks are kinda weak, thats just how it is with these kinda records, but unlike most there is more than just 1 or 2 burners on here, its not bad to listen to 80% of it really. Enjoy!