April 26, 2009

Mega Rare crate find: texas funk powerhouse from san antonio

I have to give massive credit to backspin records in austin texas for this piece, they found it and I bought it from them for a fantastic price. Here is an unknown gem on a bizarre label, as everything else I have seen on the label is bad tejano. But here lies the ubiqutious master of latino funk, the Chico Band. Presenting the song Chico's Geto. Misspelling and everything. I am going to sell it on ebay eventually so keep your eyes open cause I've never seen one sell anywhere before. If anybody has any more info just drop me a comment. No password. This is a splice of the a side into the bside. Its not altered in any way though, just erasing the fade out and splicing the pt 2 bside in.


April 15, 2009

Creators - Just You and Me 1980 Modern Soul RCA

So, I am trying to decide how to best post the list with pictures, tracks, full albums etc. so I will b working on that in the future, until then, here is another tasty treat for you.

This is for all the modern soul heads out there, I have never heard of this 7inch on any blog, website, or filesharing program ever. Hopefully I am right so I don't sound like an ass, but that being said I couldnt return any searches on it using google or RCA catalogs. Strange. Granted the RCA discography I had wasn't from RCA, therefore not 100% complete, but regardless this must be a quite rare gem. I have it for sale on Ebay as we speak. I have only seen one other sold before, in an auction from 2007, which sold for $162.00, Personally I think it has more potential than that, as it is from a respectable modern soul band with a few other sought after releases, and because it appears to be harder to find than those. Not to mention, maybe I'm biased but I think this is some seriously bad ass modern soul.
So, without further adieu, the 1980 RCA 7inch by Creators, side A Just You and Me, (side b is a barely mediocre slow ballad, if you're that interested go buy it on Ebay :0

Get ready to fly so high and so freeee, just you and meeee.

April 12, 2009

7 miles per hour band - music city EP

Hot damn another massive gemstone! This 'un is almost as heavyweight as the previous post. This is the very obscure Music City 7inch EP by the 7 Mile Per Hour Band. Includes: A1: At the Disco. B1: Latin Freak. B2: Playing Your Game. All of which are great tacks, from latin funk burners to a crossover soul with dance floor potential. Why 7 miles per hour? "Seems kind of slow you say..." I agree. But what the hell it rocks the house anyway. BLAM. Here it is. Password: transpacjackson

Well if its gonna be my first post it might as well be a doozy...

So here it is. The famed and impossibly rare Minority Band - Journey to The Shore, LP. On JSR Records, 1980. In the last 6 years or so, I have seen 2 auction on Ebay, the first for about $700.00 and the most recent for a whopping $1100.00 How amongst all the bullshit records in the endless bullshit crates was this sparkling diamond beauty uncovered? Wish I could tell you. Major props to my friend Eric for gripping this one and letting me suckle on it for a while. There are some snap crackle pops on the recording, and the vinyl itself is not perfect, but with only 500 of these presed ever, I;m just pleased to have one that isnt completely trashed, which I would gladly take as well. But don't get the wrong idea, the sound on this one is great once you get past the first 30 seconds of each side. So... get ready to be taken to the SHORE! With the minority band biotches! I use rapidshare to store my files. I liek it the best. PASSWORD: transpacjackson This is the link.