March 9, 2012

Joseph Brunelle - Round To It (Full NM rip)

Found a pristine sealed copy of this later era downer folk genius ditty (1981) over in the dollar bin a pretty major store. Not sure how you miss this but it certainly made me happy. Anyway, a couple other places on the net have harped about how much they enjoyed the record but they neglected to upload a nice rip of the entirety. So here ya go. It is from Midland TX, and it has a couple particular songs that make it worth its 100 dollarish price tag, people seem to especially like Highways of your mind. And I do too. I probably should have left it sealed but like a couple other recent records I found in sealed condition I generally just cant help myself, I have to open them and rip them once, it doesnt seem to affect the price too much on most things, I mean it is still NM-. Anyway. Enjoy all you downer folk DIY fiends. (actually I just found a few unknown late 90s downer folk CDs, would anyone be interested in that? I can probably do a rip, I'll scrounge up the name for you soon.)


March 7, 2012

BENNY'S LIVE - S/T (Private Press Label 1979 Dallas TX)

Excellent and very off the radar, under-appreciated Jazz Fusion local masterpiece that I think deserves a much higher price than it has been getting in the last couple of auctions I saw, which were poorly done and didnt feature any of the really stellar jazz work here. I mean this is a late 70s style California Breezy Jazz Fusion gem of a record if there ever was one, with funky sample riden drums, electric keys galore, nice light horns and a lot of fantastic synth/guitar workouts on top that really tie the whole awesome late 70s chill vibe together. I simply don't understand how this isnt more sought after, I mean yeah it can easily get 50 or 70 dollars but come on, It's obviously rare because there is very little info on it, and the copy I have is signed, and the only other copy in an auction I saw was signed (the guy made a truly horrific auction out of it). Yeah the recording could have been a little more loud and raw, and the sample moments and breaks could have been more frequent and less buried in more run of the mill fusion workouts, but those are weak criticisms for how good this LP really is. I really dig it and any fusion/sample/obscure jazz enthusiast should equally dig this baby. It is so much better than any NTSU jazz album I have heard, atleast the regular 'ol Jazz Labs and NTSU JAZZ BAND LPs (I have like 12 of them, some of which are quite good indeed) and they get 50 for the really good rare ones, so come on...

i went a little crazy on the description here.


Street People - S/T LP (teardrop records San Antonio TX 1977)

Does anyone know anything about this record? I can't find any info, it's in very bad condition but I know where a nice one is for a small sum of money and I was wondering if I should buy it, I can't find any info, but based on the two sample tracks it is pretty good, not great, kinda latin modern soul stuff ala George Morin band, here are some samples (i know they are kinda nasty but give em a whirl and imagine if they were NM, lemme know what you think, don't know why I cant find more info on this.)

ANGELITO (only half of track)

You Were Meant for Me (Full track)

Brian Ziegler - S/T (Almost unbelieveable AOR synth rock madness)

As most of my devoted blog followers are well aware, I often get swamped with new finds, recordings, uploadings, ebay selling, and all the rest of this stuff I do in my spare time, and I will make samples of a record to sell, and then forget to record the entirety before I ship it off. Such is the sad case with Brian Ziegler, one more record I a, really sad that I didnt atleast get the best 3 tracks from. But such is the prce you pay for following my blog. Anyway, I still think it is worth a listen, what an ungoogleable weirdo AOR synth rock madman Brian must be to have thought this would be a great album, but then some of the tracks really are totally friggin awesome. So enjoy these samples, and as it is essentially unknown, all you source guys out there, get tot work. Though its only about a 50-75 dollar record, atleast thats what I got for it.

"Nothing you could do"

"Prisms of People" (this is the closest to a fusion of minimal wave and yacht rock that may have ever been recorded.)

"You Set Me Up"

Ron Anderson - Easy Street (TX rural folk rock brilliance)

A quite excellent and virtually unknown 1979 folk rock gem from Shreveport LA via Austin TX. There are some really excellent songs on here, and his vocals and the style often emulate the more country rock stylings of led zeppelin, at time the sound is more akin to Exile on Mainstreet, though the vocals are definitely not Mick Jagger-esque. But overall I was sad to see it only sell for 60 bucks and I think in the future it will command a lot more. There are some really great tracks here, Sing Sister being one especially, but its honestly listenable all the way through, even through the more country moments, which are at least somber fiddle and drums odes to love and loss, really great and highly recommended, especially for this level of obscurity.

Ron Anderson - Easy Street (Southern Star Records, 1979)

March 4, 2012

Unknown Power Pop Gem. SLB - Banana Records (a. Griffith j. Miller)

Hello friends, once again I need your help, I have some MEGA BLOG DROPS coming very soon, but in the mean time, does anyone know what the hell this is? I think it is from the 79-86 range and if it is indeed early 80s power pop, then it is an unknown gem! There was no sleeve that went with it, which is the main problem, I'm guessing the band name is on that pic sleeve if there was one, otherwise I cant find any info, but I do think they are a pretty kick ass unknown power pop band. INFO: The record label is banana Records. The Runout Groove says: "UR-3452 A and UR-3452 B , UR 3452" The letters SLB are above the song names. The only credits are A. Griffith and J. Miller, the phrase "Beginning a tradition of musical escellence" is written on the label, sadly I don't think it quite became a tradition per se. But anyway, I think it's really good if it is indeed what I think it is, an unknown prime era power pop lost gem. HOWEVER... if this doesnt tickle your fancy... The mega weird, the mega sought after, the holy grail, the folk downers the folkrock beauties the college jazz band powerhouses and more are coming soon, very soon!! In the meantime, enjoy this unknown item and tell me if you think I'm way off base here and that you think or know that its actually a worthless 90s record that sounds 80s. Enlighten me!

Blue Lights:

Dont want it to be me:

Lost without you:

All mine: