July 29, 2011

Hello my friends of the blogosphere

Here are a few items which I have that are of interest to me and I am probably going to throw up on ebay if it seems worth doing, kind of continuing the Bill Post Family album post theme, unknowns without price that i'm throwing up to get some feedback on.


Anyway, first we have a weird Latin Christian Jazz/funk fusion record from deep South Texas by Fred Cancio and Family. I would love to check out the rest of Fred's discography because if its anything like this kind of music, there's a chance that the vocals and arrangements might be even more awesome than this, but as it stands this interesting Mexican family album looks to be like some bad crossover Heysoos conjunto accordion jams, but instead you get light and airy California smooth jazz and a little funk thrown in for good measure, the only downside is the vocals, theyre in spansish and the male voice isnt very appealing. Anyway, give it a listen, theres 3 tracks in this sample, saty with it, it gets interesting!

Fred Cancio con su Familia - S/T (1981)

Next up we have a really interesting private folk rock record by David Marr - This Time, recorded as a live concert at the Sturbridge House, I don't have a firm date on this but its early 70s I think. It's basically just him and his electric guitar and a very rudimentary drum machine, like the ones on organs from the 60s and 70s. The majority of the tracks are covers, he has a kind of reverb laden dream quality to his songs, this track is an original composition and its the best on the album. This record is another completely unknown item and there was a guy on ebay that had one up for 4 dollars buy it now, I dunno if someone finally realized what it was and bought it or if it is still there, it amazes me how many unknown gems people put up on ebay for next to nothing. There's a really interesting vibe with the crowd noise, makes him seem even lonelier, like no one is even listening at his concert.

David MArr - This Time , Live at Sturdbridge House


Next we have the Korean record by Yoon Book Hee and Yoon Hang Gi, which has some pretty rad 70s cop drama funk themes on it, no singing on the best track either, and then the rest is kinda soul/pop/psych ballads with the duo singing in korean over them, but check this nasty groove out, man.

Yoon Book Hee and Yoon Hang Gi - S/T LP (perhaps a kind of greatest hits for the duo?)


Ladd Roberts - Lady up stairs [Same label as Mike Williams Free Man Happy Man (which I can also upload in full if you want) and the early lucinda williams album] This is a folkrock/country/jazzy folk record from Colorado that is amazingly unknown for being on the same label as the sought after early lucinda williams album. Its from 1974 and it has some good folky ballads but this track in the sample is definitely the winner. Should be a sought after item I don't know why there's no listings for this on record auction sites, its either uber rare or undervalued.

Ladd Roberts - Lady Up The Stairs (1974)


This is a weird one, creepy Xian folk record that I can't find much info on, it seems that Charles Gellar has recorded about 3 or 4 really small private records in the mid 70s, I dunno what to make of it really, it's not great but its interesting and very ominous, I like his dark christian themes. Saw one sell a while back as another Buy It Now for 30 bucks I believe. Actually I can't be sure of that my memory could be off. Either way I'm curious what you think of it.

Charles Gellar - Tell it All Brother (197x)


I love this record, wonderful samples abound, quite rare and small pressing, and it's pretty inexpensive still, this is the only record in the list that I know has a general established price and is listed in auction website catalogs, its a 50 dollar record, I just sold one recently and got 49 for it so thats about right. Since I'm doing showcases this is just the best parts, but people really only buy it for that one awesome Bob James like power jazzfunk track anyway, Ill upload that in full later on.

John Standefer and Friends - For Love of The Art


Sonrise! (not the Sonrise that's a much bigger private xian band, this is a college band with one other album preceding this one but they are virtually unknown) Yes friends it's another record I'm just not sure about, it's a christian rock/jazz/ Grand Funk Railroad wannabe kinda thing with a lot of covers of secular songs and one or two original compositions, I like the Lionel Richie Cover though, and the last track is alright too. This has a ton of bad pops and ticks on it though, very low quality pressing! But I figured it was worth your checking it out just because it's unknown and has no attached price or anything, see if you think its worth a shit or not (pretend it wasn't so scratched too...)

Sonrise - Movin' On


Harvey Seaders Band - The Mad Surfer is a completely unknown 1987 lofi electro outsider exposition by one Harvey Seaders, it has a surfing theme, sounds like a lofi version of Paul Hardcastles Rainforest, has a lot of bad tracks but the few amazing electro jams make up for it. Basically a 40 year old white guy tried to make his answer to Rainforest, and this is it. Sadly I sold it already for some foolish reason and it only garnered 30 bucks cause no one could make heads or tails of it.

Harvey Seaders Band - The Mad Surfer (1987)


Rosemary Bailey, the nice middle-aged woman shown on the back of the jacket that looks like she's going to bring you a plate of cookies gets funky on her jazz organ here. Great and weird Lounge Jazz album by the inexplicable Rosemary. Completely unknown.

Rosemary Bailey - S/T


This was one trippy Junior High. Here we have the Stockard Junior High Band playing a tripped out version of Thus Spake Zarathustra from 2001, completely with avantegarde synth opening, which really makes the song, and then a pretty standard rendition of the rest. What was this band director putting in the kool aid?

Stockard Junior High LP


Bill Dave and Mary - Transition, from 1971, a great little under the radar Xian jazz folk number with nice drums and pretty damn good lyrics, even has some sample worthy moments. I really like this one and I think its highly underrated, not sure what the value is either.

Bill Dave and Mary - Transition - Theres Gotta be More (1971)


Frank Cardona's S/T LP has one really great song on it, a cover of funky nassau! My copy has a few scratches but still sounds pretty good.

Frank Cardona - Funky Nassau


Isai y Victor - Generacion De Jesus! A mind boggler of a record if there ever was one, 2 lp, most of it sounds like it was recorded in a high school cafeteria off a tape player, and they range the whole gamut of weirdness, my favorite track is given below. Sadly I sold this a while back.

Victor Y Isai - Generacion De Jesus (1981)


Lovely song on this Oklahoma Prison album compilation. There is a couple interesting tracks on here other than this gospel tune but they arent really worth mentioning. The real gem is this lovely old style gospel rendition, I can't remember the name of the group now either, I know Im worthless, it's called sorrows, it was recorded by female inmate while in prison.

Ain't got time to lose - Sorrows.


Thanks for checking out my barrage of unknown records (with a few other little diddies thrown in for good measure.) I hope you can tolerate the sample clips/single tracks I gave you for the mean time but quite a few will be up on Ebay sometime soon. Including Bill Post Family, Fred Cancio, David Marr, Yoon Hang Gi, Ladd Roberts , Charles Gellar, Sonrise, and Bill Dave Mary. As for the rest if you are interested let me know and I will try to upload what I can, but I have a few other full LPs that are really great coming down the pike, including 2 Gospel Funk records! huzzah!

July 6, 2011

For your viewing pleasure, my TOP 200 ALBUMS OF THE 1980s LIST


The list is stored on RateYourMusic.com, because I think it's the best site for making/generating lists. So if you've never been, which I'd be kind of shocked if you haven't, check it out from the above link. It's very safe and entertaining. yay. (I also have a 1970s list up from before too.)

Future Force - Reincarnation 7"

Foolishly rare cosmic roller boogie single with really strange lyrics about reincarnation.... sells for $360.00, the bside is a bad new wavey heavy metal AOR song like 80s deep purple, blek. But this little guy is pretty darn catchy, even with the cheese meter on HI it still manages to pack a nice groove, a late 70s roller boogie film groove...