June 28, 2010

Gary Blanchard - Original Soundtrack

Very good luck digging in San Marcos, South Austin, and Temple TX lately. Scores of good shite to come. First up we have an awesome find of the Gary Blanchard - Original Soundtrack 1987 Minimal Synth art exhibition record that was a 200 pressing only venture. Really interesting stuff from California that has some 80s pop poetry and residents style singing behind simple drum machine beats and dreamy synth waves. I think a small resurgence has happened recently for Gary and if you are interested in purchasing his other items you can find them somewhere on the net from himself, I think they are cdr copies only though, but I advocate it as I am sure the other albums are really great too. I almost never find good minimal wave, synthpop kinda stuff in TX so I was pretty happy to get this for a couple bucks. I really don't know what it's worth because I dont think its ever been auctioned on Ebay, but I could be wrong. If it was more single/DJ friendly I'm sure it would be worth a mint, but being more artsy I'm not sure. I particularly like the track "technology mythology". Enjoy this ultra rare gem.