September 2, 2009

Brothers Heritage - Sin-The-Tic (RMS 1979)

Really intereesting record found by a friend at Backspin Records,, that has some awesome cosmic disco, jazz dance and modern soul crossover jazz tracks. Very rare record out of Missouri by the Heritage Brothers, who I don't think have any other albums but maybe they do, falls along the lines of the 79 era prog style disco jazz records, great synth work and a bad ass drummer. In fact, if they would have kept the jams going longer and more rhythmic as opposed to making it prog style and changing rapidly, it would be an incredible record to jam all the way through, as it is, there are a few tracks that are great, but it is more of a sample or loop digging record. I really enjoy the first side, as it has a weird cosmic disco type song first, then a crossover soul jazz record with good drums, and finally a real burner with prog elements and disco madness too. Imagine a schizophrenic cloud one record with 2 extra drummers or something.

Check it out friends.


Goldy said...

why nobody has left a comment yet i do not know. but this album is FIRE. thank you

BackSpin Records said...

Yeah track 3 is nuts.

Anonymous said...

very interesting stuff, pretty unique in it's own way.

Anonymous said...

Laptop full of gems gone...please, please re-up 2016