November 27, 2009

Vinyl Tribute to Magic and Earl !!!

Here we have a rather strange post but i noticed my sports related finds had been growing in number recently, with a couple really interesting pieces regarding two of my favorite players.. First is a really awesome 45 by Tom Cantrell (with dink and the ooettes?) that pays homage to Earl Campbell as a Houston Oiler/Texas Longhorn, but mainly as a Houston Oiler, done in awesome 60s folksy style, taking after the song Big Bad John and rewriting it as a football song, its level of appreciation for Earl is almost homoerotic, just listen to the line about his sweat drenched and rippling thighs, also I would guess the 45 to be from the late 60s to mid 70ss but I dont know when exactly, no info exists on this release that I can find.
Next we have my personal favorite by the Soul Funk legend Tony Lamar, who has a quite a few great 60s-70s releases in the soul funk category, all of which are quite rare, he was never a very well known singer, but he did a couple albums in the 80s utilizing the new studio based drum machine boogie sound of the time, this track is from 1985 out of california and pays massive homage to Magic Johnson, and the Lakers as a whole, again the track is almost homoerotic in its praise but it is truly a fantastic jam, with good lyrics that make you just kind of shake your head but at the same time respect the guy for crafting such a killer jam.

Tom Cantrell - Big Bad Earl

Tony Lamar - Magic


Anonymous said...

hey hows it going great blog

i'm loving how you give all the details aout your findings, very intersting read

can i get a download link for this please?this rapidshare one has reached it's limit

Anonymous said...

can u post the instrumental version of tony lamar if there is one please?