May 16, 2010

Legendary Weirdness and May's Find of the Month:

JACK ADKINS - AMERICAN SUNSET (1984) boink records. Recorded in Tampa, Florida.

Private press 500 copies. This album is like nothing I have ever heard before, or will ever hear again no doubt. TRUTH is definitely the most standout track, quite haunting. American Sunset sounds like the Gentleman Losers but 20 years early, and then Sunset Beach sounds like Mantronix and the Gypsy Kings locked themselves in a studio with a lunchsack full of peyote. If that wasnt enough Hurts to be a Hero throws out all your expectations and launches out on what could be the soundtrack to an 80s cyborg film starring Klaus Kinski. A couple of the tracks are less interesting country tinged folk rock weirdness with a drum machine. Jack plays all the instruments himself and then layers them up in the studio. Except he brought someone in to lay down the awesome Linn drums. This record is a perfect representative of why I love crate digging so much. Maybe I'm crazy and this record is really awful I dunno, but it certainly blew my mind when I put the needle down. In the words of Jack: Mind equals ship, Truth equals fuel: have a nice trip.



imnotgod said...

Hi friend,

I have problems to download the Jack Adkins - "American Sunset" from divshare.

Can you please re-upload it for me and send me a link ?

Great thanx in advance.

Etienne (fantasy0807)

transpac said...

If you are having trouble with divshare, try the download link many times, sometimes it randomly works, if not ill reupload it one day, im sorry i cant do it sooner, im as pissed at them as you are, no wait, more so. im more pissed at them than you are. but yeah, try it like 12 times or something, sometimes it just randomly works.

Jimmy said...

i can't stop listening to this.sunset beach & american sunset are the favs. genious album, sad that i'll probably never own this. thanks for an excellent blog and keep up the great work.i think i've dl'ed everything and it's all great. greetings from sweden

jamesvan said...

Whats the deal with the signature on the cover? I found a copy of this album and it too is signed by Jack. What do you make of this? Anyway I haven't heard the album yet but can't wait to. Another thing....... you think these may be worth much?

Unknown said...

still loving this record. if you ever stumble across another copy please let me know.

ivansrecords said...

i just got a copy of this -- truly amazing. some of this is tough for me to listen to, but the good stuff is just SO GOOD and original. (no signature on my copy.)