March 5, 2011

Headlamp Shovel and Secret Histories Presents: A Paler Shade of White - Forgotten Sounds from Disco Crazed Suburbia. 1975-82

Yes friends I am posting my first compilation, notice I did not say mix or mixtape, because it is not in a mixed format, but a true comp format, giving you the entirety of each track, the photo of the album the track came from, and maybe a little minor history attached. I'm really not that into the idea of making 'race' a theme for a compilation, but it came about organically and as I became more and more intrigued by these long forgotten private press, or 'real people' disco/funk LPs by the various family band/nightclub act/studio musician entities that created them, I noticed a few things... first an inordinate amount were all white bands, and second they had a unique sound and style that was similar to each other. I previously shared one of the most famous of the 'genre,' the Family Tree album, doing a cover of Barry White's 'never gonna give you up,' which is a perfect example of what I was looking for for this comp. So in essense its more like a collection of tracks by bands in a similar vein to the Family Tree: A group of early twenty somethings that got together who liked the idea of being in a band more than the idea of making music or being an 'artist'. But its not all novelty folks. Admittedly, a lot of the tracks are mainly just interesting from the novelty/collector obscurist standpoint, but honestly there are some true gems on here. Stuff that just doesn't sound like anything else but each other. Take for instance the epic lp and somewhat underground legend by Bob Chance, the track I feature is 'Broken,' equally italian library funk/lofi outsider weirdness and synth disco. Then there is Ernie Story's 'Disco City' another equally fantastic track, but this time its an uptempo disco ripper with lofi intensity and earnest singing that tantalizes. And of course the highly sout after Pazazz track that is an absolute killer of modern soul disco. I'm not gonna go into all the tracks that are great here, jjust take my word for it. I hope you enjoy it. Below is a tracklist and some of the album photos, in the rar are all of them and even a couple others I was going to use but didnt. Also at this point please don't ask for the entire albums, be happy with the comp, its standalone, most of the albums have no other good songs anyway. And thank you to Nordine for his 2 contributions, much appreciated.


1. The Zaras - The Best Years of My Life
2. Pazazz - So Hard To Find
3. DC and Company - Let's Dance the Night Away
4. Bob Chance - It's Broken
5. The Shelters - Make it With You *(thank you Nordine)
6. George Morin - Keep On Dancing
7. Family Tree - Never Gonna Give You Up
8. Ernie Story - Disco City *(thank you Nordine)
9. Transistor Jet - Love Inside of Sound
10. Chris Meyer - You Can Dance With Me
11. Mike DeLeon Band - Once in a While
12. Tampa - Don't Fight the Feeling
13. Organisation C - Viens Tourner
14. Paul Tanner - Fly Away


Holly said...

I'm really looking forward to listening to this - thank you!

teodormihnev said...

Please can you post the entire album Family Tree - Somewhere in your heart,i am looking for this long time ago.Thanks in advance

Jimmy said...

fantastic! thanks for this, great job

transpac said...

Sorry mate, I would post it but I don't have the lp anymore I sold it, and I only ripped the best 3 tracks because the rest are utter shite. Also, has anyone had a problem downloading this? because I noticed that there are 45 page views on the download link but it shows zero downloads completed? Probably just an error in the stats but lemme know if theres a problem.

teodormihnev said...

Thanks for the answer friend !!!

Dean said...


I have been enjoying your blog for sometime now but never commented on your excellent posts. This is rather rude of me.

The comp looks excellent. Thank you for posting.

All the best.

Transpac said...

Well thank you, and that actually reminds me of something I was thinking about, I wish I could say I didn't give a shit what anybody thought but I do enjoy and look forward to the comments, because really, there are two types of music blogs, ones that are meant for bragging, ie showing what awesome stuff you have (or bought on ebay) and giving a taste of it or a picture and that's it, and then there is the type that is genuinely interested in sharing under appreciated and hard to find music with the masses. Now don't get me wrong, I have a little bit of the show and tell 'look what i found' type of intention too, who doesn't, but its a back seat passenger. And being such, the only reward I get for putting shit up is a comment, I would do it regardless of whether I got any or not, but I am honestly interested in hearing what people think of the posts. So your comment is duly noted and appreciated Dean. And anyone who says they don't appreciate comments is lying.

Anonymous said...

Genius - more of these compilations please

ryanb said...

this is a fantastic comp. I've only heard a few of these thanks for the new tunes!! Especially the Organisation C track! What a burner!!!!! Also, I must say, the Chris Meyer album cover is fucking priceless!

thanks again.

Max said...

Thanks for putting this together, and for a lot of other excellent posts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this comp,great rare tunes,take care

verge said...

The comment made by the author a few spaces above has made me put this blog on my googlereader so i'll be notified of any new posts. Thats saying something from a dude like me.

I appreciate all these rips and the work that goes into everything behind it. I'm downloading this one as I type and hope it doesn't have a password because, from all the crazy coded secret passwords I've seen, somehow I just can't figure this one out, lol. I'm sure once I know, I'll feel like an idiot.
If i can get a hint, that would be great cause I have more than one rar file from you that I can't open and am dying to hear.

Well, thanks for all the rips and you got me following. Thanks!

Holly said...

Verge - my dl worked fine - no pass required!

Transpac Jackson said...

I'm guessing you downloaded something from a long time ago, perhaps in the first 10 posts, because I previously used the Password: transpacjackson
because I was concerned with people leeching off of my Rapidshare or Divshare uploads. And honestly it is a good idea, but I had so many people complaining about it, even with the information RIGHT TO THE SIDE OF THE BLOG, I still got endless comments about the password thing, so I just dropped the shit. I'm not big enough to be leeched much anyway, if some guy wants to put a link to my download on his site go for it, just as long as it doesnt burn up all by bandwidth I guess. I Had to take down the Unique Tymes because of that, leechers! Anyway, if you get something from me that is PWed it is just transpacjackson (which honestly you wouldnt make a great hacker if you cant figure that one out...)

tomcrashkick said...

I just stumbled onto your site digging down the rabbit hole blogosphere and LOVE your mix and the artwork is a cut above. Keep up the sweet stuff.

the jazzstronaut said...

Hi Transpac Jackson, just discovered your quite amazing blog and amazing variety of music; in all honesty, most of the stuff I've never even heard or seen before. Incredibly generous of you to share them.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. A real ear opener for me, awesome stuff! Any chance of a second part?

Anonymous said...

really nice comp man, thanks a ton. You're blog is excellent, the good taste + hard to find stuff is very appreciated