May 29, 2011

Pendulum - Skull Fuck ( skullfuck EP ) 1989

This is new ground for me. Metal! Not just any metal though, first time ever available San Antonio proto-Black Metal Thrash metal that is quite raw and quite good, EXCEPT the vocalist, wow is he bad. This would be worth a lot more if the vocalist sounded either more death metal esque or black metal esque, instead he just sucks. But it has nice atmospheric elements and tremelo riffage, so it's way ahead of what most San Antonio metal bands were doing at the time. AND they took their ep cover pic in a graveyard! hardcore!

PENDULUM - SKULLFUCK EP (Euthanasia Records 0013) 1989 San Antonio, TX.


Anonymous said...

.....and thats why i thoroughly enjoy this blog, keep up the great site TJ its very much appreciated.

transpacjackson said...

Thank you for enjoying the SKULLFUCK ep! I seem to have attracted a pseudo-christian music fanbase because of all my christian music type posts (gospel, spiritual jazz, xian folk and xian psych etc) which is great, I'm happy to provide good music to everyone that enjoys it, but I think a lot of people were put off by my SKULLFUCK post... but it's my blog and I cater to no one! only the interesting and unheard! so thanks for enjoying the skullfuck post, being from Austin and seeing some local death metal upstarts from 1989 in San Antonio was pretty exciting for me, and tha cover is AWESOMME

DaRoN_666 said...

hey man thanks! i have to say this rare ep sounds very good but A-side is corrupt. can you re upload this rare piece please.

thanks a lot!