April 1, 2012

Governor's State Jazz Band Live - GSU JAZZ LIVE!

Dropping ultimate college jazz heat on your unworthy heads! Sometimes the best records are in your own backyard. The goodwill 3 miles from my house has churned up some of my all time favorite finds strangely, and that's all I'm gonna say about this maxed out thousand dollar under the radar ghost of a record gem tart. I hope I haven't upset the very nice fellow I sold it to. Enjoy, and shhh.



verge said...

Lol.. Thanks for the share!

Reza said...

Yay, must admit was tempted to bid on this myself , till it got to dizzy hieghts, well done and thanks for the chance to get to hear it all

Simon666 said...

Thanks a lot for this, really enjoying it.

katonah said...

Many thanks, an internet revelation sensation ....

Arkadin said...

Thanks a lot, much appreciated!

taro nombei said...

yeah, me too, can't wait to hear this.
really appreciate your sharing it!
all best

Anonymous said...

Found this out there:


Page 3 right side:
"ON SALE ... A first album, "GSU Jazz Live!"
has been recorded by our own jazz band,
The GSU Music Experience. Seven numbers
are included: "Keishaz," by Warrick
Carterj "Song for Suzanne," by Gerald
Myrow; "Spanish Samba," by Curtis Princej
"Spain, 11 by Chick Corea; "Crabmeat," by
John Patej "Give It One," by Alan Downey,
and "Listen Here," by Paul Smith. Performers
are Ronald Askew, guitar; Walter
Henderson, cornet; John Pate, piano; Curtis
Prince, drums; Eugene Vinyard, saxophone,
and Jeff Simon, bass. Warrick Carter directs.
The GSU Jazz sextet was one of two
US jazz bands to participate in the International
Jazz festival at Montreux,
Switzerland; GSU jazz ensembles won more
awards in the Notre Dame Collegiate Jazz
festival than have ever been previously
received by one Institution. "GSU Jazz
Live!" is on public sale and available in
the GSU bookstore for $6.50."

Condeau said...

Thanks a lot,But Link doesn't work.