October 4, 2012

Michael White - Where Are You Now LP

The first full length LP I am featuring from my recent comp, it is actually not technically speaking a Christian album, it just has one Xian themed track. Really it is just an excellent, previously ungoogle-able 80s soft-rock/folk-rock LP of the highest caliber (for the genre), and I happen to think it is quite good myself actually, though yes 70s folk rock is preferable but there is something nice about the crystal clear mellow yacht vibes of 80s soft rock ya know? $200 value and this was a sealed copy when I bought it so the sound doesn't get much better. Enjoy.

Michael White - Where Are You Now


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Could you please provide a tracklist for side 2? I can't read the words of last two tracks. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I think track 14 is is missing from the download (track: we are born)


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