January 31, 2010

MIKE CASCIO AND JUSTUS Live at Bourbon St (1979)

So most blog goers probably wont care much about late seventies private press alt country rock western swing stuff but I'm from Texas and I think its pretty bad ass, plus its completely unknown and under appreciated. So without further adieu here is the unknown mike cascio and justus band: equal parts jerry jeff walker, waylon jennings, bob wills and the burrito brothers... but extremely unpolished and whiskey piss drunk! Enjoy.

Download Full LP here.


A Pyrex Scholar said...


Anonymous said...

i'm new to your blog and i must say it's pretty tremendous
i particularly appreciated ron dilulio & james kerr and the spectrum singers among others
i still have to listen to some others unknown to me but that seems very interesting
it seems that the link for mike cascio and justus is corrupt _ i'd be very glad if you could help with that

take care

Anonymous said...

Hi...its possible download ? remove link !!

transpacjackson said...

sorry fellers, ill have to re-up this 'un someday. you can find similiar things going on every friday night at the Lukenbach, TX local bar. Actually sometimes it's even better. But go to Lockhart for BBQ. Actually I hate to say it but Franklin's BBQ in Austin is probably the best tasting stuff I've ever had. But it ain't got the atmosphere of that place in Taylor under the bridge. Where ol Vincil gives you the eye cause he knows ye aint from around here is ya.

Anonymous said...

hi , i just stumbled unto your blog while looking for the mike cascio and justus album _ it has been on my wishlist for quite a time and to discover that the link is dead is the most frustrating thing _ could you please reupload it ??

Anonymous said...

I listened and hung with mike cascio and Justus many times these guys were real not generic cover band respected by jazz community mike would Take breaks and go down the street and sing with jazz bands at other clubs would also like this music will you re upload thanks

Maurizio Rampi said...

hi, are looking for this vinyl for years, with surprise I find this blog, we give kudos if you can reupload ?? ( very thanks advanced )