January 14, 2010

DIGITAL DUB POWERHOUSE: Roland Burrell - Rip off // Barry Bailey - Gun Slinger

Amazing and uber rare 12'' here from New York on the Paradise label, Pardis003. Produced by Ossie Hibbert. 1986. Another incredible find this week, wished I could keep it but I just sold it on ebay for $320.00, but that kind of money is just too good to pass up. This track is one of the most sought after 12" digital dub records recently and it is so rare that there has only been 1 other sold on Ebay before mine, and that was pretty recent, so I think it was relatively unknown before about a year ago (no mentions on popsike or other auction sites). Because of the popularity of the dubstep movement records like this are going for huge prices and amazing tracks are being rediscovered all the time. This is one of the best I have heard, I also like Ackie's Rambo track among others, but Roland Burrell and Barry Bailey KILL it with their throbbing deep bass lines, icy synths with crisp linn drum production and great lyrics, but the real killer is on the Bside, where I presume Barry Bailey plays the trombone over the aforementioned track layed down by Ossie Hibbert. What? Spaced out trombone playing over stepper rhythms and deep bass digital productions? Yes Please. Enjoy this bad boy, you won't find it available anywhere else on the net, that's for damn sure. This bad motha is guarded among those in the know like fort knox or some shit. Full versions below, also for download. First the Vocal track, "Rip Off" then the version side "Gun Slinger"


Anonymous said...

Trying to download and listen to this killer track. But the divshare file wont play. Please try to upload it again.


ryanb said...

YES!!!!! Thank you, I cant wait to throw this in some mixes this summer.