October 13, 2010

Dave Stearman - S/T (No Label) 1970s Xian Folk Psych

Bringin' out another bad ass first.
First and only outing by the uber mysterious Dave Stearman. No album title, no label, no year. Super unknown and super underrated. I'm not sure where this hails from either. It's a true ghost record. Sold it recently on Ebay thinking I'd get a real assload of money for it, big mistake, only got 88 dollars. I guess there just wasn't enough buzz on it or lookers etc cause I think it's one of the better Outsider Christian Folk Psych records out there that isn't already a huge name thing of course, cause yeah there's better but not many, and they are super well known if so. I mean maybe I'm just not deep enough into the Private Xian game to know if theres copies floatin around but I got virtually zero info or results from anything on this guy. And for that its damn good. Yes there are a few duds of course, but the strong tracks make up for it easily, guy plays damn near all the instruments, great sound and production, decent lyrics pretty good voice and great percussion. I could comp the shit out of about 4 tracks from this. AArgh, killer record and I'm pissed I sold it. Best tracks:
"It's not a hurry kind of day" "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" "Holy Glory" "Messiah"

Get it and appreciate it cause I'm sad it's gone...


alphabet said...

I'd love to hear this, however divshare no worky!!! Its on an endless download loop

alphabet said...

nvrmnd, i got it to work once I put it in my downloadload manager. Thanks for all the obscurities, you've got a great blog

obehah said...

What a small world ! I'm the buyer and I like it a lot. You can find a review in the Archivist.

But the strangest thing is that I was the second bidder on Teaming Mind. I was really upset when I missed it.

Your blog is fantastic. I discovered Jack Akins thanks to you (I got a copy on eBay the last summer).

I have a blog too :

Thanks for all !

where is the archivist? said...

thats interesting, im glad you are so interested in my stuff, and im glad you enjoy the record, cause i was sad to part with it. and keep on checking out my ebay site cause i do put up quite a bit at random intervals.

where is the archivist?

obehah said...

The Archivist is a book.


This is the review :

"Quiet appealing folk custom from soft-voiced singer/songwritter. Mostly just Dave and acoustic guitar on titles like 'Follow Me', 'The Sun Is Shining Thru', 'I Believe In God' and 'You Can See'. The standout track would have to be 'Messiah', an unusual minor-key song with a decidedly Eastern tone. The addition of percussion and bass brings a simple acoustic rock vibe to selections like 'Talkin', 'Blout Jesus', 'The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader' and 'Holly Glory', the latter containing the line "Jesus socked it to ya again". Stephanie Bossahda adds keyboards (piano, harpsichord) and backing vocals to a couple of songs. Should appeal to those who enjoy the mellow acoustic side of James Taylor. Dave also turned up with an lp on Star Song in the early 80's. See also the Life Of A New Creation."


Anonymous said...

good music. do you have an alternative link divshare is having a voodoo party.

transpac said...

Thanks for the review bro, the link seems to be working as far as i can tell, if its bsing then try it a few times or try it a bit later, divshare is getting progessively more shitty as time goes on. I will eventually find a new site.

David Stearman said...

Hi, I'm David--Stearman. I made this on a shoestring budget when I was in college and only sold about a thousand of them. It's practically a miracle you managed to actually locate one of them!
Since then I've been a professional songwriter and for a while I was a recording artist for Star Song and others. These days I'm scratching out novels, but whatever...
If anyone wants digitals of the tracks on this old album, just friend me on Facebook and I'll see what I can do. I'm the one with the profile pic of me holding a Dobro.