November 9, 2010

Plastic Dolls - Don't Forget Me / The End

Hey all you bloggers out there. I can't believe this track has still eluded all the compers bloggers and resources I have to get a decent rip of this 45 but yet it still can not be found anywhere. There have been 2 auctioned on Ebay before, both went for 600-850 dollars. It is the holy grail of minimal synth 45s and I have been trying to get a copy for ages. Below is a sample that has about 2/5 of both sides, so if anyone out there has this please contact me, I am in desperation! The record was released on Violent Crime in1984, it is from Greece. If you arent already aware Greece has a truly formidable darkwave-minimal-synthpop scene that lasted from about 1980-1989. The best album released in the period was Statues in Motion, which I would blog but a couple others have beat me to it. That is one hell of an album though. The jacket pictured above is an outer-sleeve that was added in 1992 when a Greek indie label found 50!! copies of this in a shed and they released it again hand numbered 1/50 and with an added sleeve. The original amount of records released in 84 is unknown, but my guess is 75-250.

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