December 17, 2010

MILLION DOLLAR ECSTACY - S/T 1987 private ultra weird california electro boogie from the

Hey kids! Here's one of the 5 LPs coming your way that I recently acquired. This is MILLION DOLLAR ECSTACY. I know virtually nothing about it other than that it is from California from 1987, is made in a guys bedroom, is like a lofi analog prince but not near as talented, and has a few really nice tracks that are kind of a boogie electro synthfunk crossover. This is only the begining, a warm up before I unleash a couple holy grails on yo ass! and of course some weird interludes in between. Also, for a really strange listen hear the last track in which the guy congratulates himself for making this album and calls himself the most genius artist that ever lived etc etc. I personally think Burning Inside, You Are the One, and maybe the self titled million dollar ecstacy are the best tracks. The lyrics are insane, and I still have no idea what he's going for with all the 'million dollar ecstacy' references. I think he might be bi-polar or something, but maybe not, either way its great stuff and mild mental illness is often a really a great boon to art and art creation. So I'll stop rambling about hypothetical possibilities and let you get to listening.

"It's just a MILLION DOLLAR ECSTACY,,, commming down from heeeavvun"


Anonymous said...

it's perfect !

ohhh noo, sound!

Anonymous said...

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D'Artagnan said...

Manufactured Recordings is reissuing this record on LP and CD very soon, for the first time since its original pressing in 1987! Also included: never before released photos of songwriter Schyl Perry from the time of the recording, liner notes and an interview conducted by noted hip-hop/funk collector Jeff Mao and limited edition clear vinyl will be available to the first 200 pre-orders. LPs will include a free digital download as well.

More information is here: