February 19, 2011

The Darling Dears - And I Love You / Don't Think I'll Ever Love Another

Truly incredible two-sided soul-funk 45 by the mysterious Darling Dears. Some of the most innovative production and styling I've ever heard on a piece this early. Outsider funk meets northern soul. And it is stupid rare, like $3000+ rare. Fantastic.

Dont think I'll ever love another

And I love you


ryanb said...

fantastic. Rochester is my hometown, so this has a special post for me! thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

You beauty! This is a gem! Thanks

Beverly Howard (Darling Dear) lead singer. said...

My name is Beverly Howard and I am the lead singer of this 45, and We the Darling Dears are still alive and living in Rochester, New York, We enjoyed doing this 45 and we will have a up and coming slide show of us then and present, we did a interview on Vimeo.com in March check it out, We also just pressed more copys of this record, on Cultureofsoul, view that website,
Thanks for being interested in the Darling Dears.