February 13, 2011

El Trio Sinai - Un Maravilloso Exito LP

Here we have some utterly fantastic Mexican religious music done by the El Trio Sinai of San Antonio Tx. Not sure when it's from but I'm thinking about 1969-75. Don't let the back cover fool you, this isnt 3 guys strumming guitars like Los Tres Ases etc. They are only three, but they got bongos and horns and a little synth-organ thing to mix in with the lovely guitar strumming. Haunting, cinematic, static-laden, dreamscape tapestries of praise that Robert Rodriguez's bitch ass would kill for. Okay so I probably talked it up a bit much there, a disinterested categorizer might say its just simplistic Mexican religious music, but its some of the best of the genre no doubt. Not all the tracks are good though, in fact only 4 of them are, so to save you and me a lot of time I included the 4 really good ones in this rar, sorry if I dissapointed you, but trust me on this okay.


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