January 7, 2012

a few mind blowing oddities for the new year

That is a seriously enormous cross. And this is seriously a bizarre record.

What the hell the formatting in this post is all whacked out. But I am too lazy to fix it. The first clips are for HONEY - Love So Fine. The next set of clips are for STRAPPED - Edna.

My dirty fingernails in the picture only add the the mystery of EDNA! Someone posted this to another site I noticed but I wasnt sure if they put up both sides so if not here is the entirety of STRAPPED.


Holly said...

Wow. Steapped may be my favorite find of the new year. Totally enjoyed the xian Honey weirdness, but Strapped rules. Thank you VERY much.

Happy New Year!

verge said...

love the intro section of Honey love so fine. That Limbo Man shit by Strapped is pretty hilarious, he sneaks right up between ya legs...

exte82 said...

Just bought this Honey LP from eBay yesterday for 6$, right after I noticed You had added it here. Had no idea about that album before. Luckilly there was one for sale...and the price...huuh, unbelievable :) I guess we won't see any other copy of it very soon for sale.