January 11, 2012

Viva Brasil - S/T 1980 (SugarLoaf Records)

Really excellent record which I am surprised isn't available on the net already. Its from California and it has a really interesting blend of bossa-scat modern-soul and prog, with lots of sample friendly moments and a couple dancefloor friendly tunes. It's quite rare and I'm not sure why it isn't worth more money than it usually goes for. Usually around 60-100ish range. I'm sorry to report that I uploaded the uncut A and B sides to divshare instead of cutting the tracks and putting them in a zip. But I figure that's better than not having it at all. It's a very nice clean copy and it is in 192kbs. Enjoy. whoa I just noticed that Joe Henderson guest stars on Tenor Sax. Also if you are interested in buying this or the STRAPPED 7" I am going to have an auction very soon.

1. O Bode
2. Skindo-le-le
3. Iemanja
4. Voce Abousou/Desabafo
5. Dancing the Baiao

1. Ronco Da Cuica
2. Turn to Yourself
3. Menina Danada
4. She
5. Produto Nacional




transpac said...

This album is fantastic, get it! I guess I could break it up into tracks if that is what's holding everyone back from enjoying this beauty.

Maro said...

thanks for this album, really good vibes and melodies!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I know Rondo da Cuica which was on a luv 'n Haight compilation some 10 or 15 years ago. It's an amazing track!
Please can you upload in mp3 with a link so I can import the whole album into my machine. would be fantastic...
Thanks for that and all
Tom (from France)