February 11, 2012

A. Langston - Living Together

This record really reminds me of when I found THE MINT - SKYWALKING 12" back a few years ago. It was so damn good, so damn interesting that no one could believe it was still under the radar. I mean there was zero google results, zero ebay auctions, no popsike no collectors frenzy, it was a ghost. Now theres been a few sales of the Mint, mine was the first, 189 dollars, WEAK, then a guy in germany sold the same one I sold him one year later and he got 382 dollars. ARG. but anyway. Like Mint this record is just too good to be unknown. Obviously it hasnt been unknown since it was auctioned in December 2010, but before that whoever found this I really hope had the intelligence to track down the guys and source some more copies. If so I haven't seen em. Not a one has been sold since this 'un that I know of. Anyway, it is a beauty, I can't remember how I got the mp3 of it, and the back side is just the same exact song faded out 2 minutes early. But....

A. Langston - Living Together


transpacjackson said...

THis has been posted to other sites before, I cleaned it up a tad and amped it up on the volume, so its not the exact same, its retooled a bit, so ENJOY THIS GEM. NO COMMENTS ON THIS VURTUALLY UNKNOWN MASTERPIECE? better be cause i got it from somewhere else, or i'd be annoyed. this song kicks it.

Anonymous said...

Love this jam, it's a gem! Thank you ever so much for all your shares and hard work! I feel like I'm on a treasure hunt here! Sooo satifying!

Deb from Michigan :)