March 9, 2012

Joseph Brunelle - Round To It (Full NM rip)

Found a pristine sealed copy of this later era downer folk genius ditty (1981) over in the dollar bin a pretty major store. Not sure how you miss this but it certainly made me happy. Anyway, a couple other places on the net have harped about how much they enjoyed the record but they neglected to upload a nice rip of the entirety. So here ya go. It is from Midland TX, and it has a couple particular songs that make it worth its 100 dollarish price tag, people seem to especially like Highways of your mind. And I do too. I probably should have left it sealed but like a couple other recent records I found in sealed condition I generally just cant help myself, I have to open them and rip them once, it doesnt seem to affect the price too much on most things, I mean it is still NM-. Anyway. Enjoy all you downer folk DIY fiends. (actually I just found a few unknown late 90s downer folk CDs, would anyone be interested in that? I can probably do a rip, I'll scrounge up the name for you soon.)



Anonymous said...

hi transpacjackson
it's been a few months since i checked your blog and this time i was in for a real treat
it's amazing the amount of obscurities you manage to discover
i was particularly enlightened by the joseph brunelle and the ron anderson posts _ those two were on my wishlist for quite a time and i couldn't believe at first that you actually posted the entire albums
many thanks
those two albums are particularly sought after in the korean and japanese market and i'm pretty sure the original vinyls would easily sell more than 200 bucks
it's a pity that you haven't got the brian ziegler album anymore , but the three tracks of his that you posted are more than satisfying for the moment
take care and thanks again

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theoctavist said...

Is there any way at all to get these in FLAC?

theoctavist said...

if there is any way, id greatly appreciate it.

transpacjackson said...

I'd have to re-record the album in its entirety and save it as flac so no there is no way to get it in flac, sorry. I should start doing 320 probably, maybe one day.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard the duo "Duology" -- including Joseph Brunelle? I am a huge fan of their music. You can find them on MySpace, where one of the podcasts includes "Eazy."

Anonymous said...

I have a small record from this guy. I have never heard of him but the guy signed it for my dad. If you are interested in it post here. I do not want to put my email here.

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to mention that the record is signed by Joseph Brunelle.