June 25, 2012

Hello all, info, an imaginary comp, and an update.

Hello, the auctions are going well, I have decided to put together a compilation of all the best tracks from my giant collection of rare and 80s christian smooth pop/yacht rock/disco LPs, (Turning Point just sold for 315, huzzah!) instead of posting all the vinyl up here because it would take forever and most of these only have one or two good tracks anyway.  So yeah, look for to that coming ASAP.

And now more immediate items.... I have here a compilation which I have had sitting around as an idea for a little while but as I have been able to track down a whopping 3 songs from the list the idea has been scrapped, but here are some of the albums I am looking for to create this wonderful 80s African juju-synth-funk compilation, the main artist behind the genius tracks that have yet to be comped and featuring a style like nothing else I've heard is the inimitable WILLIAM ONYEABOR. The man is a genius. Everyone knows his classic album 'Atomic Bomb' but very few are familiar with Crashes in Love and Good Name. The only thing I can compare the production style to is certain RD burman billywood soundtracks but its so much more than that. So anyway, I will give you a couple sound clips from Good Name, and then show you the album covers.  I have all of Dizzy K's discography, he seems to be one of the few artists on here whose music can be tracked down easily. Of extreme desire to obtain is the N'Draman Blintch - Hit Track Self-Destruction LP, if you have this please let me know.

 (update while writing this, a fellow has made a tribute comp to william onyeabor! hurrah! tho my comp would only have 2 tracks by mr. onyeabor, it is good to see that someone has made a comp totally devoted to his unique genius. Find it here: http://dailyleftover.blogspot.com/2009/12/tribute-to-william-onyeabor.html 

William Onyeabor - From Good Name:

Abidjan City Breakers!
 Dibson and Essody!
 Dikoto Mandengue!
 Ipa Boogie!
 Jik Emmy!
 Jimmy Semyah!
 Kg Band (Kiki Gyan)
 Kio Amachree!!!
 Mixed Grill!
 N'Draman Blintch!
 Sidiku Buari!
 William Onyeabor pt 1!!!
 William Onyeabor pt 2!!!
Charming Charlie!

Francis the Great! (just look at this cover, my goodness. it even says the words "negro phasing" ? And the music is bubbling synth funk madness.
William Onyeabor - Anything You Sow (clearly this cover would be the cover to my compilation. It describes precisely what the music therein would contain.)


Anonymous said...

This blog posted the complete William Onyeabor discog a while back. Looks like their mediafire account has just been suspended but they a re-upping stuff. http://flashstrap.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/William%20Onyeabor

transpacjackson said...

awesome thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the Onyeabar comp, loves his stuff! Keep posting...

Flash Strap said...

All my Onyeabor is re-upped, here: http://flashstrap.blogspot.com/search/label/William%20Onyeabor

If you still need any. Good luck with that comp, I'd love to hear it. Francis the Great looks so very promising.

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