July 10, 2012

NEW COMPILATION! Jerry Curls For Jesus and The Heavenly Amen (rare gospel boogie of the 80s.)

Well friends, it's been a while since I have posted anything so I figured I would do something big, I've been promising a xian yachtrock soul comp for a while, and it is still in the works, but untill then, how about the other side of the spectrum... Gospel Boogie! I have a mild obsession with the genre, actually all forms of gospel music, but the synth-driven danceable funk of the early-mid 80s black gospel artists is hard to beat, and there are some hugely expensive records out there, many of which are on this comp, though I am still avidly searching for THIS... 1730 dollar 80s gospel? yeesh. Anyway, there are a few good gospel boogie comps out in blogoland already, but this particular comp, though brief (8 tracks), has some killer artists that you can't find anywhere else out there! Including tracks from Majesty - Deliverance (1984 Morada records), which is a 1200 dollar record itself. Speaking of, here is the track listing and link...

 Jerry Curls For Jesus and The Heavenly Amen (Rare 80s Gospel Boogie)...

1. Calvin B Rhone - I Believe
2. Majesty - You're Number One
3. The Gospel Seekers - Never Gonna Give You Up
4. Soul Liberation - Touch Me Again
5. Joy - The Time is Right
6. Majesty - Jesus is The Best
7. The Gospel Miracles - Building Up Myself
8. The Last Generation - Just a Chance at Life

(photos of each artists album are included in .rar but here are some to entice you.)


Exclusive Music said...

Amazing ones!! bue i think are not enough rares, try to get more rare and amazing things like this


Simon666 said...

Love this comp, thanks!

transpacjackson said...

Yeah I have actually been looking for that enlightners record for a while, funny, I am looking for a record be Enlightment, and another by enlightners. No connection. Theres many others I am looking for too though, these are just ones that I have, I also have a copy of Melvonne but I figured everyone had heard that already, if not I can post it up, and I have more tracks from Majesty - Deliverance, let me know if you want them...

Exclusive Music said...

OK, i have some majesty too, but not the whole lp in mp3.
i need A3,A5, B2,B4. I think no one has it, anyway, are u looking for enlightment in mp3?? or original vinil?, if you need an copy in mp3, i can easily send, this is my mail estebanwcaor@gmail.com
tell me if you have modern soul gospel rare, i have rarities too!!!

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