July 15, 2012

Fabulous Friends - Hard Enough (Budweiser Records 1983)

Well things have been going really well for me lately, found a crate of rare NY indie rap records from the mid to late 90s, sold my metal cassette for 120 bucks and my UGLY WANDA metal cd for 175 on ebay. Found a copy of HAIR - 31 Flavors. and this wonderful, wonderful modern soul item on Budweiser records from 1983. This is from the radio station V103 out of Houston, TX. Very few of these pressed up, wish I could find more they sell for 300-500 bucks. The back side is blank.

I also thought this record auctioned on ebay recently was pretty awesome, its 90% of the entire track but it is missing the very tail end :(
It is by Winston 'Flook' Richards and the Blue Rhythm Combo - Eatin' Corn. From Barbados. This has to be the most expensive Carribean Funk 7" sold on ebay in a long long time. Whoever found this is a bad ass. I've found lots of calypso/carribean/funk/steeldrum/soul items and they mostly aren't too impressive, I did find some great 50s era 78s but as for 7" carribean stuff, it is very rare to dig up something as blatantly funky as this.


verge said...

thanks for the eatin corn joint, can never have enough funk cuts about food, heh.
You gonna sell those rap records, anything interesting there?

shi zhan said...

レイバン aviatorを掛けてる友達にあって、久々にあったせいか、サングラスを掛けてるせいか、いつもよりかっこよく見える。自分もこの夏に、レイバン RB2140を買ったが、夜型なので、あんまり使うことなく、勿体無いと思う。レイバン サングラスの好きなその友達にあげようと。

Jonas Barndt said...

wonderful song! u still run this blog?

James Wilson said...

I'm a original member of the group THE FABULOUS FRIENDS AND ONE . I would like to know how did you come across that song I was wondering if we could talk about it . I have a Gmail account can we use it to talk?