April 4, 2011

Jackie Ross and South Side Movement - You Are The One That I Need (from the Self-titled LP on Golden Ear 1981)

A beautiful slice of Jazzy Modern Soul from the under-rated soul singer Jackie Ross, who made quite a few great records in the late 60s and 70s, like her LP 'Full Bloom' on Chess records, which was really great, and a number of other 7" singles that charted a couple times and that was about the extent of it. Then sometime in the early 80s she decided to record a sort of come back album, like many other 60s soul artists did, and in 1981 she cut this pretty fantastic album for the private label Golden Ear, sadly it never got past the test pressing/promotional phase and was pretty much scrapped, aside from a few copies given out here and there, I don't know how many or if it got any real radio play ever. I'm not sure if "South Side Movement," who is the backing band on LP, is the same band as the SSM from the early 70s on Wand who released one album of the same name, which is a pretty dope album btw, but either way they're a very good band and Jackie is a fantastic singer as always. I really think the strongest track is 'You Are the One That I Need', and even though there are a few other quality pieces on the record, it's that track that makes it, and without it the record wouldn't fetch the 500 dollar price tag it sells for. So anyway I am only going to upload that track because it's all I have done at the moment and it's what everybody wants anyway. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! Cool Jackie Ross song! I have been looking for a good version of this and I appreciate your efforts! :)

Debbie from Michigan