April 6, 2011

The Spectrum Singers - Young Life Songs (Unknown Christian Youth Group Sing Along Jam Session LP from 1969)

Christmas must have come early this year! Another interesting find I happened upon a while back, utterly unknown and truly bizarre, a real ghost record. Out of Colorado Springs 1969. A youth minister from the Young Life group, when they first began (theyre now a world wide organization!) decided to round up some of his members and record an LP that would appeal to the younger crowds in Young Life, his mission was to create a kind of library lp to play during the meetings and he produced this record, half instrumentals, half vocals only, so that you could learn the songs and then sing to the instrumental side and jam out together. He also recorded three standard tracks with the vocals in (one of which has 2 versions), and they are probably the best tracks on the record, especially the psychout version of 'I am the resurrection' but then again the fuzzed out psych instrumental of 'It's almost too good' is really awesome too, especially for 1969, pretty early in the private press xian psych game. Yes its more novelty than musical brilliance, but it still kicks ass. Also, just fyi, I sold this on ebay a while back, I have not seen one surface since, it was a VG grade and sold for $160.00 if I remember correctly. Also I did not include the vocal only tracks. You do not want them.

Get fuzzy!


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