April 4, 2011

Sonic Explosion - We Belong Together / I'm a Believer (Big City Sounds 1976)

Really solid, highly collectible and stupidly rare modern soul 45 out of Tuscaloosa Alabama, not much info on the band or the label other than being pressed in 1976 and being written by Hayward McKanstry. Honestly this is kind of the 'Trace of Smoke' of Alabama. (You can still get the trace 45 from an earlier posting) Not much else to say really, other than its a fantastic little slice of uptempo disco/soul that never shows up anywhere. Enjoy.

We Belong Together

I'm a Believer


Anonymous said...

yo this is a dope post. crazy 45. dope

transpacjackson said...

Thank you, i love this 45, and it's super rare, a favorite among the Northern soul/Modern soul heads in England areas. I don't think it was available in its entirety anywhere else before this either.

Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful seeing the interest in this record.We hoped for success when we put it together back in 1976.And to see how people around the world are digging it is beautiful.

Got one copy of the record in a safe deposit box.Anyone interested?

Anonymous said...

Great 45. Thank you for uploading it. Peace