August 13, 2011

Clark Sisters - He Gave Me Nothing To Lose LP

I was shocked to find that this album isnt available already on a blog somewhere so I felt it was high time I fixed that problem. Classic late 70s soul gospel record with a funky disco vibe, especially on track B1, which is why everyone wants this record. It's about 75 bucks usually, a standard in any serious gospel LP collection. Overall it's got some nice soulful gospel tunes, nothing mind blowing, but like I said track B1 - 'everything is gonna be alright' is the real killer here, its got breaks and samples galore, more disco breaks than hip hop but really you could go either way with it. I thought about just upping that track but it seems like everyone prefers the entire LP when possible so here it is, this is from my rip of course and it was in great condition, so enjoy.

Clark Sisters - He Gave Me Nothing to Lose

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djwicz said...

Thank you for this and for all the other great music.