August 20, 2011

Katau - Demo 4 Track EP

Breaking new ground on the blog today, my first tape!, I have now added the art of tape digging to my repertoire and sold my first successful Ebay tape auction last week, 75 bucks for Jack Kevorkian and the Suicide Machines... and since then I have acquired a huge amount of weird demo tapes and I think some of them are definitely worth sharing, so that will be the theme of the blog for a little bit. Tapes are a completely different ball of wax from records, they go way deeper down the rabbit hole of obscurity first of all, because basically anyone with a 4 track and a mic can make a release, and the availability of weird tapes out there for 50 cents is still massive, unlike records, though the market for tapes is much smaller and more particular. Theres 4 strong tape genres in collecting, private metal tapes, private synthpop/minimal tapes, private hip hop tapes, and private boogie tapes. I think gangsta rap accounts for the largest share of money transactions on Ebay by far. There's a healthy Japanese and NY/LA rap tape scene going, and next behind that is probably the uber hip minimal wave tape collectors, because the majority of great releases in the genre are on tape.
Anyway, my first post of a tape was supposed to be this bedroom psych/folk-pop demo I found but I haven't finished recording it yet(now posted!), so instead we have KATAU, which is Hawaiian neo-soul/funk circa 1990 by way of Dallas TX. I know thats a lot to take in but you'll understand better when you hear it. It's not Hawaiian like traditional ethnic music, I mean the regional variety of jazzy soul/funk that became popular in Hawaii in the early 80s and sounds a lot like Cali modern soul stuff, so it's that kinda, but 'Neo' cause its 1990 and the tuning is really tight and crisp sounding, a little bluesy almost, but don't let that dissuade you, and the group is performing in Dallas TX for this demo. I absolutely love slap bass boogie jams and this track definitely makes the cut for bombastic slap bass shakedowns, just listen to that breakdown at the end where the guy goes off! Like some Conrad Benjamin up in this biznitch. Man, I need to make a best of rare slap bass boogie compilation. Anyway, Hope you like it as much as I do, here's my favorite track below and then a link to the .rar of the rest.


Katau - Dreaming You

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you have a great blog! can you contact me please i want to know more about Katau! thank you