March 4, 2012

Unknown Power Pop Gem. SLB - Banana Records (a. Griffith j. Miller)

Hello friends, once again I need your help, I have some MEGA BLOG DROPS coming very soon, but in the mean time, does anyone know what the hell this is? I think it is from the 79-86 range and if it is indeed early 80s power pop, then it is an unknown gem! There was no sleeve that went with it, which is the main problem, I'm guessing the band name is on that pic sleeve if there was one, otherwise I cant find any info, but I do think they are a pretty kick ass unknown power pop band. INFO: The record label is banana Records. The Runout Groove says: "UR-3452 A and UR-3452 B , UR 3452" The letters SLB are above the song names. The only credits are A. Griffith and J. Miller, the phrase "Beginning a tradition of musical escellence" is written on the label, sadly I don't think it quite became a tradition per se. But anyway, I think it's really good if it is indeed what I think it is, an unknown prime era power pop lost gem. HOWEVER... if this doesnt tickle your fancy... The mega weird, the mega sought after, the holy grail, the folk downers the folkrock beauties the college jazz band powerhouses and more are coming soon, very soon!! In the meantime, enjoy this unknown item and tell me if you think I'm way off base here and that you think or know that its actually a worthless 90s record that sounds 80s. Enlighten me!

Blue Lights:

Dont want it to be me:

Lost without you:

All mine:


transpacjackson said...

the first blue lights has three skips, it was because i had my anti-skate set wrong, its in great shape, DOES KNOW ONE HAVE INFO ON THIS GUY? COME@!!!

when do u think its from???

sometimes i think, 1979 and i think MONEY. then i think 1981 and i think still GOOD MONEY, then i think hmm 1983-4. and i think decent good money if its rare and pic sleeve isnt essential, but then i think, is this like 1989? is it some kind of third wave ska late new wave power op thinger? a little money? then i sometimes think, is this like 1994?? WORTHLESS 1994 obscuro crap pop rehash wanna be 70s powerpop 80s ska revival crap? DAMN THESE ENIGMAS!

transpacjackson said...

damn it, help me.

transpacjackson said...

It was quite evident that I wrote that comment under the influence of something. quite. I still want to know what year you guys think this might be.

Joseph Spratt said...

My name is Joe Spratt and I produced this EP. It was recorded in 1983 in Charleston, WV and its the Stanley Louis Band aka SLB. I am currently remastering all these tunes including our subsequent album, "Freedom At Night". The company will restart in a couple of months with a couple of additional acts. Hope you guys will stop by on the web. I'll keep you posted. - Joe

Anonymous said...

Hello again bloggers. Just a note to let you know that the remastered Stanley Louis Band music is available as a download at

We have lost 2 members since we last spoke; RIP Jeff and Jeff (lead vocals and keyboardist). Much too young to go. We're keeping them alive by supporting their work.

If you have questions about the band, or any of our bands, drop us a line at