April 12, 2009

7 miles per hour band - music city EP

Hot damn another massive gemstone! This 'un is almost as heavyweight as the previous post. This is the very obscure Music City 7inch EP by the 7 Mile Per Hour Band. Includes: A1: At the Disco. B1: Latin Freak. B2: Playing Your Game. All of which are great tacks, from latin funk burners to a crossover soul with dance floor potential. Why 7 miles per hour? "Seems kind of slow you say..." I agree. But what the hell it rocks the house anyway. BLAM. Here it is. Password: transpacjackson

1 comment:

Curtis said...

So apparently this is the reissue 45 with an extra track, that is very good, so same thing but not as exciting to know you are listening to a repress, the guy I got it from said it was his copy, maybe he had a copy but sent this because of the extra track i dunno, anyway its still bad ass.