April 15, 2009

Creators - Just You and Me 1980 Modern Soul RCA

So, I am trying to decide how to best post the list with pictures, tracks, full albums etc. so I will b working on that in the future, until then, here is another tasty treat for you.

This is for all the modern soul heads out there, I have never heard of this 7inch on any blog, website, or filesharing program ever. Hopefully I am right so I don't sound like an ass, but that being said I couldnt return any searches on it using google or RCA catalogs. Strange. Granted the RCA discography I had wasn't from RCA, therefore not 100% complete, but regardless this must be a quite rare gem. I have it for sale on Ebay as we speak. I have only seen one other sold before, in an auction from 2007, which sold for $162.00, Personally I think it has more potential than that, as it is from a respectable modern soul band with a few other sought after releases, and because it appears to be harder to find than those. Not to mention, maybe I'm biased but I think this is some seriously bad ass modern soul.
So, without further adieu, the 1980 RCA 7inch by Creators, side A Just You and Me, (side b is a barely mediocre slow ballad, if you're that interested go buy it on Ebay :0

Get ready to fly so high and so freeee, just you and meeee.


ElMidniter said...

i believe this band was "WAR" before they became WAR...

Curtis said...

Really? Thats farking fantastically interesting but the dates seem odd if thats true, cause war goes way back to early 70s right? And this is 80, perhaps a few of the numerous members of war broke off for a side project or something? if you have anymore info im interested.