June 28, 2009

Illusion of a Band - Work Me (Jas-Star 1985)

Incredibly rare 12'' by the Illusion of a Band crew out of New Jersey, pressed in New York, on the same label as the Minority Band, and perhaps with one of the members or producers. As the title mentions, there isnt really a band but a studio producer with a 8 track or something, distinctly 1985 flavor, and more a garagey two step boogie type tune than modern soul, but its still pretty solid, this is a feature track from a comp I will be releasing sometime soon. Its not the best track from the comp, but it's probably one of the least known, and that's the point, like art for an artist, you gotta go way out into the depths of the crates to make an impressive compilation for collectors and diggers. One which might not have the best or highest production value in music, but is certainly rare and unique in its sound or appeal. This rar contains both the inst and vocal sides, and might have a PW: transpacjackson

WORK ME!!!!!! (fixed link)

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