June 27, 2009

International Band De Ray Camacho - EL PACHUCO (Low Rider) 1980

Yes friends, everyone loves a good latin funk album with a low rider on the front, complete with guys in purple suits, but especially when it's Ray Camacho's own band! Sold this on Ebay for 200 dollars the other day, seems to have been just recently discovered for the first time, and I luckily found the next one to be sold, which usually gets slightly more than the first and significantly more than the 3rd. But who knows. I got a lot more weird super private stuff comin soon so keep an eye out and until then, boogie yo ass down with this guaguanco funk powerhouse, okay so it has a few worthless tracks but the burners really burn.


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ElMidniter said...

some of these song are off another ray camacho international band LP I did a mix about 7-8 years ago with a few of em as well as another banger off it. Never seen this LP though.