June 28, 2009

The Death of The World Now

Obscure, 500 pressing, Weird Library Prog Rock Sound Effect Spoken Word Christian Occult Doom Journey Synthesizer Musique Concrete etc. all come to mind when this piece is concerned, though not deserving of high praise for the music itself, the weirdness and fascinating style is all worth it, including bad ass cover art and satanic prose readings of vivid depictions of hell and outerworlds, blended into sound effects and mediocre but innovative progrock stylings. I personally can;t get enough of it, but more for the "wow check out this shit I just found!" aspect than true musical importance. So, its from 1978, its 500 copies, the music is by a guy named Dilulio, and the writer of the lyrics says he basically wanted to create a paradise lost type LP for the modern era, well done boys, well done.


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