June 27, 2009

Casual T - Prescriptions for Love

Next to the OC Tolbert 7inch this is pretty much the most expensive modern soul item out there. I don't fully understand how or why it got to such heights, but there it is. I don't have the LP myself, but I did get an incredible 320 personal vinyl rip of it. To be honest, it isnt the most amazing album as a whole, but there are 3 tracks on it that are amazingly good boogie tunes: Tracks 2, 3, and 6. I noticed quite a few people on the net had a really bad 128 copy of it and I hadn't seen anything else around, so I figured why not put it out, the more holy grails on the page the better i suppose. Enjoy. oh and another thing, screw this whole blog phenomenon of LOOK what I have in my collection, want to hear it? well too bad it's for trade only, i mean i guess i could understand if its something that is completely unknown and you found it but if thats the case maybe you should just keep it to yourself, share the love, i'm sure the artist doesnt appreciate your hoarding the bad ass music he made, and probably made absolutely no cash for releasing it if its that rare, and now look at what you're doing to the poor guy, share the love man. or keep it to your damn self.



alphabet said...

Thanks, this looks very interesting... I agree 100% its pretty doucey to leave a guy with the sonic equivalent of blue balls. I've even tried contacting some of these bloggers to see what they might be looking to trade for and received no reply. Damn, Damn, Damn!!!!!!!

transpacjackson said...

Sonic equivalent of blue balls, i like that. Anyway, just to update the modern soul game has started to slide on this particular item, its worth about 1/3 of what it was selling for, there are now many LPs and a slew of 7" that sell for more money regularly.

PlayJaxx said...

I came here looking for this gem. Only for the track "Thank You For Your Love" is a must-have for all da funk fans.
This is extremally rare LP album. Thanks for sharing