March 7, 2012

Street People - S/T LP (teardrop records San Antonio TX 1977)

Does anyone know anything about this record? I can't find any info, it's in very bad condition but I know where a nice one is for a small sum of money and I was wondering if I should buy it, I can't find any info, but based on the two sample tracks it is pretty good, not great, kinda latin modern soul stuff ala George Morin band, here are some samples (i know they are kinda nasty but give em a whirl and imagine if they were NM, lemme know what you think, don't know why I cant find more info on this.)

ANGELITO (only half of track)

You Were Meant for Me (Full track)


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but it stinks :-)


transpacjackson said...

even without the grainy loud background noise crap? hmph, guess i was reaching for this one, but I appreciate your honesty.

Anonymous said...

Yes, even without the background noise. I always find it a bit weird that comments on postings are almost invariably positive. But hey, you know what they say: 'opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one'. Even if I personally didn't like this one, as always I am very appreciative that you have taken the time and trouble to share something with us.


verge said...

I like the sounds (possible samples) on the second track so i wouldn't say it stinks at all. Maybe thats just me though.

Anonymous said...

The first track has a quite soothing, albeit kitschy, Manilow-esque aesthetic about it. I'm usually drawn to such middle-American hokiness, so it's intriguing to me.

Might have to seek this one out eventually.

exte82 said...

I just purchased this record from eBay for 30$ :) NM copy. I hope I'll enjoy it.